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child pain relief cap Cool Gel Cap

“Cool Gel ’n Cap® is a practical, user and kid friendly device which can ease our little patients’ pain from head bumps, headaches or earach

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“Cool Gel ’n Cap® is a practical, user and kid friendly device which can ease our little patients’ pain from head bumps, headaches or earaches. The concept is genuinely well thought out, and should be a value to parents.

Dr. Robert Schulman, M.D.,

Pediatrician, Forestream Pediatrics, Depew NY


As a parent, it’s guaranteed that you’ll use ice therapy at some point to treat your child’s discomfort or pain.  Gone are the days of frantically fashioning an ice pack out of drippy ice and a dishrag!
Provides instant relief for 5 common childhood problems:
Earaches and Ear Infections
Bumps and Bruises
Pain – alleviate discomfort without the side effects of drugs
Invented by a devoted Dad named Timothy, Cool Gel ‘N Cap was born out of love for children and their unique needs. It’s never easy to see your child upset and in pain. Along with your tender care, a good friend can help provide comfort. Choose from the lovable Toby or Tulip as part of your first aid kit — for natural and effective pain relief without the side effects of drugs.


Cool Gel ‘n Cap® was thought up by a father on his first day of caring for his son all by himself. Here’s the story from Timothy’s perspective.
My wife had just returned to working outside the home. I admit I was feeling some pressure to prove that I could handle watching our curious toddler, Lukas.
I was trying to multitask, and Lukas was playing hard as usual. Suddenly, he started to fall, and I wasn’t able to catch him before his head hit our kitchen bench. It was one of the worst bumps Lukas had ever gotten! I was frantic as the bump kept growing. Too scared to call my wife, I called the pediatrician first.
As I juggled a screaming Lukas, the phone and an ice pack, I couldn’t hear a thing the doctor was saying. In a moment of inspiration, I grabbed our son’s winter cap, slid the ice pack inside and placed it on his head. Just like that, all was calm.
The sudden silence alarmed the doctor. He actually asked if Lukas had passed out! After I explained what I had done, the doctor said I should make it into an invention. And so I did!

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UPC Code: 854116002041


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