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Simple Contour Pillow

Doctor recommended Simple Travel Pillow promotes healthy posture for long trips or wherever you need to relieve pressure from your neck.

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UPC Code: 721633117957
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Simple Contour Pillow™

Use it to support your head and relieve neck muscles at home and everywhere you go!

The Simple Contour Pillow™ is a naturally shaped head support that relieves your neck. It was originally designed to ease the stresses of travel, but is actually ideal from anyone looking for relief from neck tension and stiffness anywhere.

Neck and shoulder tension occurs from constantly straining our bones and muscles to hold up the weight of our heads. The Simple Contour Pillow™ gently supports that weight, relieving pressure.

The Simple Contour Pillow™ is organically contoured to naturally cradle your head. "Support Your Head & Relieve Your Neck!"  It's exactly what we do when we kick back ofter a long day.

The pillow stays in place as your body starts to relax, thereby "lifting" your head & gently stretching your neck. It relieves tension and allows vital circulation in your muscles and joints.

It comes with an on board pump that let's you customize your level of support.

Enjoy natural relief from tension headaches and stress with the Simple Contour Pillow™. Made for Travel, Designed for Living Well!."


dims: 11.5" x 8.5" x 3.5"

weight: 11 ounces


flexible interior polymer shell, contoured foam cushioning, adjustable pump for customized cervical support, soft cuddle front, breathable aerospacer mesh, neoprene traction backing

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UPC Code: 721633117957


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