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Bayes High Performance Granite Countertop Cleaner & Seal Rejuvenator

Granite and natural stone countertops have become the mark of a luxurious modern home, and proper care is required to preserve them.

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Granite and natural stone countertops have become the mark of a luxurious modern home, and proper care is required to preserve the original look of your investment. 


Granite is porous, therefore susceptible to absorption. As a result, many chemicals, particularly cleaning chemicals, can damage the stone. Certain acidic chemicals break down the stone’s sealant, resulting in harm to the quality of the stone and altering its appearance. Those who have granite, sandstone, travertine, ceramic, quartz and other porous stones need to carefully select cleaning agents that can be used on these surfaces. 

Bayes Granite Countertop Rejuvenator has been carefully formulated to gently clean the surface of your countertops while rejuvenating the original seal. Therefore, you don’t need to apply a separate sealer to protect your granite. This non-toxic cleaner dissolves and lifts messy spills, grease, and household soils leaving your countertops spotlessly clean, streak free, shiny and protected.

Even the best Granite cleaners are commonly getting negative reviews for leaving streaks. Bayes is streak free, even on black countertops. If you do have a streak, which is very, very rare, change to a clean cloth. That streak is likely due to a foreign substance on your cloth. 

There is absolutely no reason to purchase different products for cleaning, polishing, or creating a lustrous shine. Bayes cleans, seals, and polishes, and no product will give you a better final shine! Test ours against what you have been using, and you’ll immediately see the difference. Use daily instead of water or other cleaners and keep the shine rejuvenated. There is no buildup. In fact the more often you apply, the better. 


• Consumer reviews say no streaks even on black countertops

• Compatible with marble, granite, limestone, slate, terrazzo, travertine, sandstone, porous stone surfaces, ceramic, quartz, Corian and Silestone.

• Protects against oil, coffee, food, wine, and peanut butter  

• Non caustic, non abrasive, pH balanced, biodegradable, citrus scented

• Spray on, wife off, no rinsing required. Deep cleaner sealer, shines and protects

• Recyclable Non-Aerosol Bottle

• Made in USA

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UPC Code: 850290001450


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