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Bayes High Performance Produce Wash

Removes Pesticides, Waxes, Chemicals, and Contaminants from Fruits and Vegetables.

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UPC Code: 850290001597
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Removes Pesticides, Waxes, Chemicals, and Contaminants from Fruits and Vegetables.


Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential to a healthy diet. Unfortunately, modern growing techniques often leave a residue of water resistant insecticides and chemical fertilizers on the surface of your food. Waxes are sometimes applied to enhance appearance, and human handling may also leave its mark. Even organically grown produce may be affected by wind born contaminants or handling. This all-natural wash uses citrus and coconut based solvents to quickly remove water resistant contaminants. Use Bayes Produce Wash every day to ensure you and your family the safest and most delicious produce possible! 


• Natural Formula 

• Laboratory Tested 

• Ensures Goodness & Flavor 

• Citrus & Coconut Based Solvents 

• Dissolves Water Resistant Contaminants 

• Non-Hazardous & Biodegradable 

• Recyclable Non-Aerosol Bottle 

• Made in USA


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UPC Code: 850290001597


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