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Flower Vase, Reva expanding flower vase hold large bouquets, perfect for any setting

Reva Vase Anniversary Expanding Flower Vase

Reva Vase Anniversary Expanding Flower Vase

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Reva Vase is the amazing expandable vase. Just fill half way with water and add flowers. Reusable - just rinse, dry and store flat. Perfect for hospital visits, travel, event centerpieces, anniversaries, holidays, office and home. Light and unbreakable. Will last for years. A great gift idea.
  • Ultra-portable and convenient - take Reva anywhere, store Reva anywhere.
  • Durable, stable and shatterproof - kid and pet safe
  • Reva and packaging are recyclable
  • No PVCs

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UPC Code: 854712003510


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