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BedBug Early-Warning Detection System

Find Bed Bugs BEFORE They Find You!

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 Checking Bed Bug Hot Spots regularly will show you whether you should be concerned or not.

Bedbugdot provides:

  • 24 hour Bed Bug Awareness
  • A Protective Hiding Place for Bed Bugs
  • Early Bed Bugs Detection before an Infestation


Bed Bug Hot Spots
“Find the Spot… Apply the Dot”
A few bed bugs is not an infestation, it is an occurrence. When an “occurrence” goes undetected, “infestations” build.
Bed bug bites can cause skin reactions but some people don’t realize it’s from bed bugs.
There are people who have no reactions to the bites of a bed bug and months can go by before they realize what is happening. It is at this point that they are now dealing with “infestation” levels.
We all know that the best defense against having bed bugs is a good offense and that is what bedbugdot provides for you! Bedbugdot not only teaches you where bed bugs hide, where to look, but creates an awareness and provides affordable peace of mind.
Knowing where bed bugs choose their hiding places is important so you know where to look for signs. Bed bugs prefer to hide in undisturbed dark places with cracks, crevices and folds (e.g., beds, easy chairs and couches) closest to their host. They will move outside of these areas as “infestations” build up.
Bedbugdot takes the guesswork out of finding bed bugs by assisting you in knowing the common places where bed bugs prefer to hide.
Checking the DOT means a lot!
By checking these HOT SPOTS regularly, helps avoid bed bugs from going “unnoticed” and “infestations” from building:
bed bug-small Apartments | Condominiums | Townhomes 
bed bug-small Assisted Living 
bed bug-small Daycare/Pre School Facilities 
bed bug-small Hospital and Doctor Waiting Rooms 
bed bug-small Hotel Rooms 
bed bug-small Libraries
bed bug-small Movie Theaters | Concerts | Entertainment Centers 
bed bug-small Office Buildings | Cubicles
bed bug-small Personal Vehicles and Public Transportation 
Community properties where many people reside are common grounds for bed bugs. Keeping bed bug infestations from occurring can be a challenge if not addressed promptly and effectively.
Bedbugdots are part of a smart proactive awareness program that helps both property owners and tenants stay aware of a possible bed bug problem before they can spread to adjoining units and common shared areas.
Packaged in Commercial sizes, property owners provide bedbugdots to all their tenants in order to create a constant community awareness to discover bed bugs early, protecting from infestations spreading throughout buildings.
Even with well-intentioned efforts at providing a secure environment for your guests, unavoidably, new occupants, visitors or staff members can carry in bed bugs. 
As part of a proactive awareness program, installing bedbugdots and checking them regularly, will inform you of potential bed bug activity before they spread throughout your facility.
When people have bed bugs at home, many times, backpacks, blankets and diaper bags can carry in a bed bug that finds its way on to another child’s belongings. These facilities share bedbugdots with their clients so they can stay on top of bed bug possibilities at home!
Our Pro Pack comes discreetly packaged and provides enough dots so staff can place them in daycare and school hot spots. Easily check bedbugdot so that you are aware of bed bugs before they have a chance to build up into infestation proportions or pass on to others’ personal items!
Many people enter waiting rooms on a daily basis; that includes new patients, caregivers to family members, staff and delivery people. If a person with bed bugs on their clothing, wheel chair or on any personal possession is left sitting in a waiting room for any amount of time, they may crawl off into surrounding areas. This can be a source for spreading bed bugs throughout the facility and must be addressed as soon as possible.
Their hidden nature causes them to hide in the smallest of places and they often go unnoticed for great lengths of time. This is why we recommend that as part of your proactive Bed Bug Intake and Prevention Procedure Protocol, you install bedbugdots. Checking them regularly will inform you of potential bed bug activity before they spread throughout your facility.
Hotels enjoy a revolving clientele of travelers from all over the world. Unfortunately, many will encounter bed bug hitchhikers during their travels in airplanes, buses, taxis, airports and other public locations. A common occurrence is when some of these hitchhikers crawl off luggage pieces, coats, purses and laptops once placed on the bed in the hotel room. They crawl off and hide, then bite the next guest while they sleep or crawl onto the next traveler’s belongings.
Do not wait for your guests to inform you that your hotel has a bed bug problem. Hospitality uses bedbugdot Commercial Pack. These inexpensive and discreet dots fit, between, under and around bed bug hotspots in the mattress, boxspring, behind headboards, pictures and nightstands. Bedbugdot creates a conscientiousness and awareness for staff so they check for signs of bed bugs regularly.

People’s clothing and outwear hung on the backs of chairs can have a bed bug hitchhiker crawl off and find their way to surrounding areas. In addition, when someone has bed bugs at home, books returned may have bed bugs residing in them.
Place printable (3” X 7” and 3” X 5” size) Bedbugdot bookmark type Bed Bug Notice in all books checked out. (Pdf) It acts as a gentle reminder of the intrinsic value of your materials, bed bugs ability to crawl into the book and suggests placing the book in a self-sealing bag when not in use. This too creates bed bug awareness for your clients.
If suspecting bed bugs, before returning books to shelves, place books into a ZappBug heat chamber for sufficient amount of time before returning to shelves.
Bed bugs thrive where people stay put for a long time. All these venues are places where many people congregate and sit in one place for a long time, whether watching a movie, listening to a presenter or enjoying a concert.
Bed bugs hide under the seating chairs and hitch a hike on purses, coats or simply people’s attire while sitting motionless and mesmerized on the show or presenter. Bedbugdot Commercial Pack is useful in these arenas.
Since some people do not exhibit any reactions to bites, bed bugs are hitching a ride to work with people and are increasingly showing up in office building settings. Employees, maintenance staff and guests can easily introduce bed bugs through their carrying case, laptop, purse or coat and crawl off when sitting at their desks at the office.
They hide under seats, in the cabinets, in your file folders, behind your desk, in the partitions and of course in the couches and armchairs in the cafeteria, lounge rooms and other common areas.
Install bedbugdot in bed bug hotspots to assure peace of mind knowing that these early warning devices will save you countless hours of sleep, aggravation, lawsuits and exorbitant treatment monies.
• Train your employees/staff to know what bed bugs look like and how to identify them.
• Carefully inspect the area of suspicion as soon as you can.
• Because bed bugs like to hide, it is important to know where to look for them: check the folds and seams in upholstery, lockers, baseboards, cubicle walls, furniture joints and corners, electrical outlets, switches, piles of papers and other nooks and crannies.
Focus on what you do best: conduct business and let bedbugdot take care of your bed bug problem.
Most colleges and Universities of today are having serious problems with bed bugs. Students go from building to building for classes, restaurants, theaters, study halls, spring breaks and of course into each other’s dorms. In many cases, you may have one or two students that are not – well let’s say clean. As we know, clutter is a bed bugs haven and these environments can have bed bug problems that continue for months. Since this is a shared multi-unit environment, they can move with the walls as well as transported on student’s belongings.
Having your students place bedbugdot in and around beds, desks, dressers, and chairs will help to focus their interests to looking for bed bugs more often than not.

Bed bugs are non-discriminating when it comes to their habitat. Their primary concern is the food source and so it is becoming more and more common to find them in cars, buses and other public transportation, including trains and airplanes.
They hide beneath the floor mats, under the seat, in door panels, in the electrical conduits and any areas close to where you sit for a long while. They hitchhike on luggage, backpacks, purses and electronic devices and crawl off in taxi trunks, luggage compartments under buses and overhead bins in airplanes.
Be pro-active and give yourself peace of mind by installing these discreet and highly effective bedbugspots.
Enhorabuena por la compra de las unidades circulares 
de “bedbugdot”, el primer sistema de detección y alerta 
temprana de chinches de cama, a la venta. Nadie 
quisiera que su sus hogar se convierta en un caldo de 
cultivo para las chinches de cama y asi, tu mismo puedes 
comprobar con tu “bedbugdot” si existen estos molestos 
insectos y se asegurarte de que ¡no suceda!
Bedbugdot es un sistema de detección de alerta 
temprana sin necesidad de mantenimiento, 
seleccionado para el control de plagas en hoteles, 
escuelas, residencias, guarderías, asilos de ancianos, 
hogares y empresas de ¡todo el mundo!
Las chinches se esconden en la ropa de la gente, en 
maletas, objetos personales y muebles. Debido al 
tamaño minúsculo de las chinches y su naturaleza 
oculta, pueden ser muy difíciles de encontrar y es 
costoso de controlar si no se detecta a tiempo.
Se requiere de la detección temprana para prevenir y 
eliminar a las chinches antes que el problema se agrave 
y se propage. Este sistema de Unidades circulares para 
chinches de cama, “bedbugdot”, es de mucha utilidad 
tanto en la primera etapa de control, así como en las 
Bedbugdot le proporciona la vigilancia continua de 
chinches las 24 horas del dia, con una manera fácil de 
descubrir chinches ANTES una infestación, gracias a una 
forma sencilla de realizar un seguimiento de la actividad 
de chinches.

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