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"Eye Saver" Chrome Socket Labels Organizers - tough tool decals for mechanics & home craftsman

Think how easy it will be to Find, Read and Organize your Socket Sets especially those Pesky 1/4 Drive Sockets. One sheet tags 60 sockets.

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“Eye Saver” Socket Set Decals, Tough Chrome Foil Labels for Sockets and Tool Identification. Label your sockets, socket rails, nut drivers, and wrenches for “Easy Read” and quick Organizing.

Great for mechanics and craftsman, these stickers fit all fine Snap On, Craftsman, Mac, Matco, & Cromwell tools. Best Quality at the Best Prices.

Sheet of 60 individual coated and dye cut labels

  • “Easy Read” White Lettering on Chrome Background
  • Color Coded “Green and Red” for fast Identification
  • Medical Grade “Tight Radius” Foil Material – holds tight to small radius sockets
  • Permanent Adhesive – Oil and Gas resistant

What you can tag with just one sheet of labels!

  • Tag – One Set of 1/4 drive, SAE (1/8″ thru 9/16″)
  • Tag – One Set of 1/4 drive, Metric (4 thru 14)
  • Tag – One Set of 3/8 (or 1/2) drive, SAE (5/16″ thru 1-1/4″)
  • Tag – One Set of 3/8 (or 1/2) drive, Metric (9 thru 24)



Newer sockets come with large laser-etched size markings. But that’s no reason to ditch your old sockets. Just clean them and slap on gas- and oil-resistant foil labels with easy-to-read color-code sizes. A package of Chrome Foil Socket labels includes 60 labels in fractional and metric sizes.

- The Family Handyman Nov. 2014 issue


I can now easily see the size of the socket! Trying to figure out what size the socket is can be very difficult. Trying to distinguish silver writing on silver sockets is nearly impossible, especially in low light conditions (ie. in the shed or under the car). Having labels that are easy to read, color coded for wrench size is awesome. 

- Michael Balk


Outstanding Product! The labels are very easy to apply and very easy to read. I have had a lot of difficulty reading the markings on all of my sockets no matter what quality brand they are. With these lables applied, I can easily see what socket I need and grab it without having to squint, and strain to find the right one. I am very impressed with the quality of the labels. The big question is yet to be answered……… how will they hold up over time. My first impression is they will last for many years. I would recomend these labels to any who has a sight problem.

- Floyd

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UPC Code: 895667000032


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