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Locking Cord Connector--CordLatch

CordLatch® is a Locking Cord Connector that connects and disconnects easily. As a Power Tool Connector, attach to your power tool cord.

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UPC Code: 853513002005
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CordLatch is a small device that attaches to your Power Tool Cord to keep it connected to the extension cord.  CordLatch attaches to the Power Tool Cord and utilizes the polarization 'lug' or 'shoulder' on the extension cord as a connection, so no opposing connector is required.  CordLatch is small and sleek.  It goes around corners with ease and doesn't get hung up.  With CordLatch you'll never again have to climb down that ladder to reconnect your power tool.  The contractor as well as the Do-It-Yourselfer recognizes the time and labor saving potential of this device.  Quick to install, long lasting benefits. 

Unique features

There are 2 unique features of this product. 

1.  While most other cord connectors on the market are designed for the extension cord and require you to connect and then disconnect for every use, CordLatch is unique in that it attaches to the power tool cord.   Once installed, CordLatch is a permanent solution.  It is always there on your tool if you need it.  Plugging directly into a wall outlet?  No problem, just swivel it out of the way. 

2.  Another unique feature is that there is no opposing connector required.  The CordLatch utilizes the polarization 'lug' or 'shoulder' on the extension cord as a connection, so there is  no looking around for 'that connector thing' or that special locking extension cord.

CordLatch is small and sleek.  It goes around corners with ease and doesn't get hung up.  CordLatch is proudly made in the USA.  CordLatch is a permanent, economical solution to a common problem.  Sold as a Value Pack that contains components to modify 4 power tool cords at a MSPR of $9.99, that's less than $3.00 per cord.  Why buy an expensive locking extension cord?  CordLatch makes every cord a locking cord! 

·         Save Time & Frustration

·         Make Every Cord a Locking Cord

·         No Rewiring Necessary

·         Safety Compliance Testing

By NCEE Labs to meet UL 817 requirements

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by Billy Carmen on Jul 13, 2015

This is a great product that saves time and prevents accidents.

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Other Information:
UPC Code: 853513002005

Inventors Bio

 I am a Union Sheet Metal worker (now retired).  In my work, my company frequently purchased cord connector devices.  As a union worker, time is money, so anything that can save time on the job will have a positive effect on profits.  Again and again, the devices either failed or took too much time to install and had to be connected and re-connected after each use.

Confident that there was a better solution, I came up with the idea for CordLatch, a connector that attached to the Power Tool Cord instead of the extension cord, would stay permanently attached, and best of all, would connect to almost any extension cord by engaging to the polarization lug.

Its unique design fascinates most Contractors and DIYers who have tried other products.  Everyone is amazed that it is just that easy.  Just a simple change of making the connector attach to the Power Tool Cord is the key and really shows what can happen when you think outside of the box.


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