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Reciprocating Rockwell Tire Cutter

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Over one million people die from malaria each year. An estimated 300-600 million people suffer from malaria each year. More than 40 percent of the world's population lives in malaria-risk areas. Tire Cutter recycler prevents malaria and mosquitoes from breeding. Most people know that whether a tire is standing up or laying on its side, it will collect water which will breed mosquitoes. 
Tire Cutter is a reciprocating saw blade. Dual-edge for maximum tire cutting efficiency. Great for professionals and DIY. Punch Cut and Sew 95% accuracy. Useful on reciprocating power saw high or low speed.

Information for Scrap Tire Owners

Scrap tires can provide a favorable habitat for mosquito breeding. While more than 9 million scrap tires have been removed from the Michigan landscape through grant funded cleanups and compliance/enforcement effort, an estimated 24-25 million scrap tires remain in stockpiles throughout the state. These scrap tires continue to pose a potential threat to public health through mosquito borne illnesses such as the West Nile Virus. Part 169, Scrap Tires, of the NREPA requires that "The department shall make every effort to assure that all abandoned scrap tires accumulated at collection sites prior to January 1, 1991 are cleaned up or collected by September 31, 2009." This effort is being undertaken using funds deposited in the Scrap Tire Regulatory Fund.

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UPC Code: 721633123118


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