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Dr. Dakota Snoring Stop & Sleep Apnea Pillow

Dr. Dakota Snoring Stop & Sleep Apnea Pillow

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 Not too Masculine & Not too Feminine !!!

Helps to correct your Respiratory Mechanics, achieving R.E.M. Sleep!
You’ll begin to Dream Again!
Please follow these simple directions: Place the Snoring Stop under your jaw, around your neck…centering the Chin. Use the Strap to secure, but not too tight, but where it’s comfortable for you.
Please note: Do not try to hold the product down with your Chin, as this may cause discomfort in your neck. Make sure you have a good fit, relax, and let the Product do it’s job, which is to help lower your loud snoring and eliminate waking-up, gasping for air.
Please note: If you’re a Person who Snores Very Loud through your Nose, with your Mouth Closed, this Product will not help you and you probably need to seek out a Sleep Center Evaluation and may need a CPAP.  However, if you’re a person who has a typical low Muffle-Type Snoring, but your Snoring gets Louder when your mouth falls open, then Yes, this product will help lower the volume, simply by keeping your mouth closed, and doing it more comfortably, than other products you may have used in the past.

Current Size Available in Red and Blue
Since 2014, I’ve sold thousands of my products with the size you see in photos on the left. Available in Red and Blue.
Measuring from the bottom of your chin to Suprasternal Notch, this size measures (3.5″) in height and will fit neck sizes ranging from (13″to 21″) in circumference.
> Made of Memory Foam
> Jacquard Velvet Washable Cover & Sleeve for Added Comfort

While developing his Snoring Stop Device, Dr. Dakota, discovered a revolutionary Art of Sleeping in a Vertical Position, with the same product. The idea of supporting the back of the head with a “U-Shaped Travel Pillow” makes no sense, and only makes your head fall forward. However, relieving the weight of the head simply by providing support to the front of the head, will instantly relax your shoulder and neck muscles, allowing you to fall asleep comfortably where ever you are. Use it taking a Power Nap in your Office, riding shotgun in your Car on a road-trip, the Train, in the Lobby of an Airport, while on a layover. You will experience good comfortable Sleep like you’ve never experienced before. It will help re-charge your Brain, providing much needed rest and recuperation. It’s easy to pack away and is fast becoming the favorite carry-on when traveling by Airplane!
” Sleep Well Anywhere, Anytime”
Dr. Dakota…


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UPC Code: 111111111111


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