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herbal inhaler Inhale Wellness Essential Oils Inhaler Breathing Aid

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Herbal Inhaler Inhale Wellness Essential Oils Breathing Aid:


Inhale Wellness is an all natural purely organic herbal mixture for helping to combat common breathing issues such as congestion, sinusitis and other daily breathing obstacles. Made from pure organic essential oils and raw dried leaves this mixture of eucalyptus, spearmint, peppermint and lavender helps to reduce inflammation and clear sinuses. 


Directions for Use:

Shake can before use and keep lid firmly on when not in use.

Breathe contents (by placing screen directly near mouth or nose) every day and every night for at least one minute of normal breathing, as a preventative inhalation to stay well and reduce stress. 

Breathe through mouth if nose is blocked. 

Breathe five times a day for ast least one minute of normal breathing for bronchial cough and infection. 

For difficulty in breathing and sinus headaches, breathe as often as needed to ease anxiety and obtain satisfaction. 

As is the case with other natural substances and foods, it is remotely possible that undesirable reactions may

occur. If so, reduce usage or discontinue if symptoms persist.

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UPC Code: 721633121589


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