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Furniture Straps - Secure Quick Wood Stud Harnesses Strap Kit
To Secure Furniture
The best child safety and disaster restraint made for home use.
The Ultimate Child Safety and Disaster Preparedness Product
Secure Quick Wood Stud Harnesses Kit

Furniture Straps For Wood Studs Earthquake Safety Straps

Furniture Straps harness cable assemblies for furniture and equipment.

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Furniture Safety Stabilization Straps For Wood Studs

Furniture Tie Down Fastener Kit For Wood Studs. Secures furniture to wood studs inside of walls.

Our patented Safety Secure Quick steel cable fasteners are the latest in earthquake straps, disaster and child safety.

Secure Quick's unique design allow for ease of use and quick installation.

Secure Quick's tie down harnesses are easily disengaged for relocation or servicing of secured items.
Secure Quick Wood Stud Harnesses Kit
To Secure Furniture

The best disaster restraint made for home use.
The Ultimate Preparedness Product
Secure Quick Earthquake Fasteners For 
Wood Studs 

Wood Stud Kit

Wood Stud Kit Contents

Keep furniture from falling in disasters. Holds up to 300 lbs. Adjustable for when you want to move furniture. 2 cable assemblies per package. Secures 1 item up to 72" wide or 2 small items less than 16" wide.

Secure Quick Is Always The
Professionals Choice....

Don't Be Fooled By
Plastic and Cloth
Placebo Fasteners.

Use For:
Buildings with Wood Studs
Retirement Homes
Office Buildings

The photographs below are examples of the various ways the Secure Quick harnesses can be used. When using the Secure Quick system keep the cables concealed from view by mounting in locations which will allow maximum strength. Cables should always be placed onto the main interior structure of the item being secured. Always attach wall brackets directly to studs located inside of walls. For best results in locating studs (either wood or metal) see the WALL WIZARD STUD FINDER.

Child Safety Should Always Be A Number One Priority.....




Wood stud braces mounted on to wall with cable passing through to rear of furniture.




Inside of furniture with cable laced through frame.




Inside of furniture with cable fastener attached to frame.



Cable terminators are attached to both ends of cable which are laced through inside of furniture frame. Cable ends go through each end of cable terminator's and are then pulled tight so as to leave about 3" of slack in cable.



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Package Dimensions:
Length: 8
Width: 5

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UPC Code: 111111111111


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