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Tabletop Needle Metal Detector

Ultra small size Tabletop needle or tiny item detector.

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UPC Code: 721633123675
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Small Table Top Metal Detector by Wizard Industries, Inc.

Same detection power as our larger tabletop detector. Compact size allows for use in tighter spaces. 

This new small size tabletop needle detector has an outter case that is stronger and more durable. Three digitally machined and rolled induction coils greatly improve detection depth and range along with sensitivity.

1.Easy to use controls and quick set up.
2.High sensitivity and Anti-interference performance allows convenient use inside areas with other types electronic equipment.
3.Sensitivity is 0 -10 level adjustable for various depths of detection.
4.When hidden metal such as a needle or staple or a fragment of a ferrous metal is detected alarm in sound and light will illuminate.

Appliance area:
This needle / tiny metal object metal detector can be used to detect broken needles, razor blades, and metal fragments, ferromagnetism metal such as metal impurities in small, thin clothing, plush toy, ties, towels scarves, socks, zips, medicine, and food and so on.
Outer case Material: Steel Alloy, good looking and very steady.
Dimension: 15"×10"×2.5" (L×W×H)
Detection Zone: 11"x 8 (L*W)
Weight: around 20 LB
Power supply: 110 Volt
Alarm: Sound & Light
Sensitivity: Ferrous ball more than 0.8mm diameter

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UPC Code: 721633123675


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