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Magic massager Cloth

Magic Massage Cloth

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The Best Massager!

The Magic Massager is an innovative new way to provide massages. The unique and simple design of the Magic Massager allows massage therapists to perform Swedish style massages along with other bodywork massage techniques. The best is that the massage feels like an oil massage but no oil is needed or used.... Even better, it works through clothing!

Made of fine sewn silk.

The Magic Massager allows massage therapists or anyone to perform a long, soothing, invigorating massage anywhere, any time with no special tools needed. It feels like oil to your recipient, it glides like oil under your fingers, but there is none of oil’s muss and fuss. Perform anything from a simple shoulder rub to acupressure to a full body massage – your client won’t even need to undress!

How the Magic Massager Works

Developed by a physician, the Magic Massager’s unique design incorporates four layers of specially selected fabric. These layers allow almost 100% friction-free movement due to the unique fabric assembly. Place the Magic Massager over a person's shoulder, back or other body part and you’ll feel the sensation.

Magic massager provides pleasing and spoothing sensations for the recipient with no chafing or discomfort. YThe Magic Massager is great for performing virtually all varieties of massage and bodywork. The Magic Massager provides full-body massages using no oil, towels or drapes. 

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UPC Code: 721633123767


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