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FREE HANDS Drywall Support

The Free Hands drywall support tool

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Free Hands are made from Lexan plastic.
They measure 4"H  X 1 1/2"W  X  4"L.
They come 2 to a package.

Free Hands keeps your hands virtually free during installation.
These easy to handle tools will immediately give you the dexterity you need to install drywall more quickly and efficiently.
Valuble time and effort is wasted trying to manuver large sheets of drywall, but with Free Hands your effort will yield more control and productivity.

It is possible for one person to install drywall with Free Hands.

Its unique design allows for ease of use whether installing drywall on ceilings or walls.
Just flip it to easily secure the next sheet.
You will save money by lessining the amount of damage caused by banging corners and edges.
Full instructions are included with each set so anyone from the home owner to the professional builder can instantly put them to use.
Addtionally, it's bright yellow color makes it easy to locate and it's compact size fits easily into your toolbox or toolbelt.

Free Hands is a low cost, reusable item that will exceed the consumers expectations.

Make the best of your valuble time and energy.


This time saving device was the solution to hanging
drywall by yourself, especially ceilings. It was
invented by John V. Santiago. Mr Santiago knew
the trials and tribulations of working alone since he
is a self employed carpenter. He invented this
tool out of necessity, since traditional methods
including drywall jacks were too cumbersome and
costly an paled in comparison in providing the
ease, efficiency and convenience of FREEHANDS.
FREEHANDS is patented in the United States and
in Canada.


The FREEHANDS drywall tool is essentially an
invaluable “extra hand”, the cost of which is easily
be recouped many times over in a single days work             
by virtue of greatly enhanced productivity.  With
FREEHANDS, your effort will yield more                                 
control and productivity.


Made of industry proven Lexan plastic, the
FREEHANDS drywall tool has no moving parts and
requires no set-up time.
FREEHANDS work with drywall varying in size and
thickness in horizontal, vertical and angular
FREEHANDS are reusable supports that provide
an extra hand resulting safer and more efficient
FREEHANDS are lightweight (4oz.) tool that fit
easily into your pocket, tool belt or tool box.
The bright yellow color makes FREEHANDS easy
to locate in a crowded tool box.


In the short time FREEHANDS has been test
marketed sales for this hidden treasure have been better then we
could have expected.  FREEHANDS, which has
survived with virtually no marketing, is only
found by those searching for a tool thats
existence is unknown.


Anyone hanging drywall will benefit by using the FREEHANDS

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82 of 157 found the following review helpful:
Saved my back

by a member on Feb 25, 2005

Good Day, I am so pleased; I am 59 years old and building my own home (1800 sq') with a 25' peaked "Great Room" . I received your tools this morning and spent the day hanging 24 sheets 4x8 with ease. Working alone, and overhead from scaffolding is difficult enough. Your tools have just made my life a lot less exhausting! T H A N K Y O U ! ! ! PS: Every person I showed them to today wants them! (Yes, I did tell them where they could find them!)"

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80 of 149 found the following review helpful:
Thank You

by a member on Feb 25, 2005

product exceeded expectations the day I ordered them I had one end of a full sheet of drywall hit me on the head after dropping 2 feet. Since they arrived, I have hung 24 sheets with no problem.

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87 of 154 found the following review helpful:
Good Tool !!

by a member on Feb 25, 2005

The clips are fantastic! I just hung 1000sqft of 5/8 inch firecode rock by myself without killing my shoulders. I didn't have to fight so much with the pieces resulting in more precise cuts and less breakage. Thanks a million

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82 of 160 found the following review helpful:

by a member on Feb 25, 2005

Received today, thanks for the quick service. And the great tool, love the fact they are compact and especially light weight.

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Product Specifications

Product Options:
Color(s): Yellow

Product Dimensions:
Length: 4 inches
Width: 1 1/2 inches
Height: 1 1/2 inches

Package Dimensions:
Length: 7 inches
Width: 5 inches
Height: 1 1/2 inches
Weight: 0.24 Pounds

Shipping Carton:
Carton Length: 21" inches
Carton Width: 14" inches
Carton_Depth: 14" inches
Carton Weight: 15.50 Pounds
Items Per Container: 48

Other Information:
UPC Code: 649361000016
Packaging Type: Clamshell
Construction: Lexan Plasic
Optional Extras: 4 mounting screws
Patents: US Des.408,266 Canada 85429


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