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Launch Mine is a crowdfunding and product launch system that assists small brands and inventors in building funding for product launch / marketing expenses.

Our unique methodology provides the ability for new brand owners to use existing inventory to fund marketing, PR, social media and TV content development.

Product creators can post crowdfunded marketing projects using their existing inventory. The funds from sales are accumulated to be used to pay for building product exposure. provides an audience of consumers, retailers and supporters that can help generate revenue and product exposure support

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First you must have a product that is produced as a saleable product. Next you add the product to our distribution and ship us a quantity of product based on the amount of funding you need to raise for marketing.

The crowdfunding inventory is based on the manufacturing cost of the item. We make the items available for sale through our system. As the product sells we utilize part of the profit for PR and exposure of the item. 

If you are ready for initial sales you can post your project on and begin your marketing funding sales campaign.

We stock products for distribution to our retailers worldwide.

Consumers and retailers can receive discounts and other incentives by placing orders while the product is in its early launch stages. 

LaunchMine Crowdfunders and Supporters can greatly assist new small brands by making donations, ordering products at substantial discounts and helping to spread the word about new products.

Consumers: Dive in to LaunchMine to find great new products that you can buy at huge discounts while helping to fund a new products success.

Retailers: Gain bigger profits along with the advantage of having first to market products while helping small brands that will send shoppers to your strores as their brands grow.

Order Products Early On and Get Large Discounts.

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