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Due to the amount of daily Invention Submissions and inquiries from manufacturers requesting inclusion in our distribution system we encourage you to use the email form below to contact us.
This provides the best and quickest means of communication. We promptly respond to emails and often inquiries are responded to by a telephone call from us.


Wizard Industries Company Bio:

Since starting Wizard Distribution in October of 1999 with a single product, no less than 24 Wizard Brand products and hundreds of other brands of products have been put on thousands of national retail shelves by Wizard Industries, Inc..

Wizard Industries has developed
 a system to communicate to retailers who would otherwise be unable to obtain the Wizard line through traditional wholesale channels. This Invention Submission service is accomplished through referrals from consumers who match products to retailers. Once the referral is made and a retailer places an order, the referring consumer is rewarded with one of whatever product line the retailer picks up. This two-pronged approach along with the exposure built through news and social media has proven to be a very powerful and advantageous marketing, exposure and sales tool for Wizard Industries and the products distributed through the system.

The Wizard Distribution system allows ANY manufacturer to list their products in the system, therein allowing Wizard to build exposure and to provide retail/wholesale sales. The unique blending of technology with Wizard's manufacturing capabilities combined with Wizard's rapid "new product roll out" capabilities, has enabled Wizard to create a powerhouse of production and product distribution capabilities. The system is patented by US Patent number 7,249,064.


Wizard Industries, Inc. is currently a privately held California Corporation. Should you wish to be notified of future growth notifications, please email us using the email form below. Your email address will remain confidential and on file as you will be notified in the event of public offerings. 

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