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Amazon Distribution Fulfillment Direct To Consumer Small Brand Success

With social media, mobile and cloud based technologies, customers all over the world have higher than ever expectations. More than ever, people buying online want fast, efficient, perfect delivery of the products they order. With online becoming the new access point for most products, both brand owners and customers are better served by using todays technologies to facilitate product movement from brand owners directly to customers. More than ever brand owners have better choices than the old traditional inefficient, high risk, low return way of supplying products to retailers. Direct to consumer distribution clears brands of logistical obstacles and provides better and faster service and more savings for consumers.


A straightforward Direct To Consumer distribution method. Brands sell their products to us at 10% below wholesale. We sell at wholesale to small retailers and at full MSRP to consumers. 

Brand owners register as a supplier, upload their product’s information and supply us with samples. We post these for sale on our site and we present the products to retailers. After evaluating the demand, we place an initial order and begin stocking the products for our retailers and consumers.

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