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Stock Inventory and Sample Warehousing / Fulfillment Services

Amazon Fulfillment FBM Wizard Distribution

DTC, Direct To Consumer Fulfillment of stock and sample inventory of your product to new, existing or prospective consumers and niche market retailers is an efficient way to build new or existing sales. Our patented Wizard Distribution System can provide your company with cost effective, efficient, easier to manage and fast product sample or stock fulfillment. We have the technology, experience and commitment to handle both the simple and complex fulfillment.

Our solutions provide:

Fulfillment Visibility - Real time reporting tools provide greater insight into inventory levels, shipment status and product stock and sample inventory usage.

Online Ordering Process - Our system provides a user friendly, web based ordering interface that allows for easy sample processing.

Cost Saving Shipping Discounts - Our volume of shipments allows the ability to provide freight discounts.

Efficient and Easy Order Management - Our patented business methodology and technology provides easy management of product sample or sales inventory.

Combine your stock and sample fulfillment with our order fulfillment solution for a fully integrated sales and product flow management tool.

Sample Audience Engagement and Rewards - Our unique
social media exposure and engagement sites allow your consumer audiences to play an active and productive roll in harvesting new leads for retailers. 

Our Integrated Product Exposure System - Our 
ability to extend your brand awareness into your brand building through traditional product news media, trade shows, consumer level and industry level audiences helps reduce your exposure cost and the time it takes to build awareness. 

Being Brand Owners Ourselves - You can be assured we understand and practice cost efficient, effective and timely fulfillment services whether shipping samples or sales inventory. Our 17-year evolution and history has been a driving force for our own brands and hundreds of other brands.

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