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Begley's Best

Andrew Tarr interviews Hollywood’s environmental expert and activist Ed Begley.

Ed talks about his journey of bringing three new products to the market and tells what successes and obstacles he encountered along the way.

Whether you’re an inventor, manufacturer, manufacturer or an Ed begley fan you’ll benefit from watching this video.

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Environment Friendly

Begley’s Best™ is a terrific all-purpose cleaner designed to replace all other household cleaning products! Discover its unique effectiveness, versatility and safety for yourself.

Made from extracts of pine, palm extract, de-acified citrus, maize, fermented sugar cane roots, and olive seeds. The ingredients are all natural, non-toxic and totally BIODEGRADABLE in just 3 to 7 days.

Begley’s Best™ dissolves away grease, grime and dirt, quickly, safely and effortlessly. You can use it on any surface that is compatible with water, such as tile, showers, porcelain, counter tops and cupboards, linoleum, plastics, wood, leather, stainless steel, aluminum, chrome and colorfast fabrics.

Begley’s Best™ is ideal for shampooing and spot-cleaning colorfast carpets and upholstery. It’s the perfect cleaner for use on appliances, large and small, inside or out.

What is Begley’s Best?
Begley’s Best is an all purpose, non-toxic household cleaner.

For the more technical, Begley’s Best Household Cleaner is a water-based, biodegradable liquid cleaner, composed of homogeneous cleaning substances (colloids, sequestrants, surfactants, and hyper-wetting agents). These break down and isolate various forms of solid and liquid soil matter, such as oil, grease, dirt, etc. Begley’s Best causes individual soil particles to lose their ability to recombine or redeposit upon a surface.

Begley’s Best is not a soap, detergent, or petroleum solvent. It works equally well in hard, soft, cold, hot, fresh, or salt water and is safe on plastics, paints, metals, rubber, fabrics, vinyls, or any surface which is compatible with water.

Begley’s Best is environmentally safe and non-polluting. It is 99% biodegradable in seven days, the biological optimum.
Begley’s Best contains no phosphates, nitrates, enzymes, sulfates, caustics, silicates, or added fragrances. It cannot contaminate water or drainage systems. It is non-toxic, non-caustic, non-fuming, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-irritating, non-allergenic, and it will not harm skin. It requires no special handling or storage.

Begley’s Best surpasses U.S.D.A. requirements for use in food preparation areas. It is not regulated by O.S.H.A., and E.P.A. registration is not required.

Begley’s Best is low-foaming and leaves no residue.

Contains extracts of pine, palm, de-acidified citrus, maize, fermented sugar cane, and olive seeds.

Appearance ASTM D 3430 0.08
Color(smoke) ASTM D 3430 0.40
pH ASTM D 1293 9.4
Odor ASTM D 1296 Mild & Pleasant
Viscosity @ 20 deg. C ASTM D 445 16.8 cps
Flash Point ASTM D 93 None
Boiling Point ASTM D 86 212 deg. F
Particulate Matter ASTM D 2276 ND x 2mg/ltr
Vapor Pressure @ 20 deg. C ASTM D 323 x0.1psi
Water Solubility ASTM D 1722 Pass
Specific Gravity @ 20 deg. C ASTM D 1475 8.411
Percent Volatile(by vol.) ASTM D 2369 929 g/ltr
Surface Tension @ 25 deg. C ASTM D 1331 31.7 dyne/cm

For general cleaning, Begley’s Best is particularly effective for all household and restaurant applications. It can be applied by spray, soak, mop, or steam methods. It is ideal for use on floors, walls, tile, appliances, stainless steel, carpet and upholstery, stovetops, etc.

Begley’s Best is an effective and economical cleaner/degreaser for all types of kitchen and restaurant cleaning jobs. It is effective and 100% safe for use in food preparation and serving areas. Begley’s Best does an excellent job with minimal effort. For best results in soiled areas, allow some dwell time so that it can soak in and do much of the work for you.

(Begley’s Best/Water)
Very Difficult 1/1
General 1/20
Difficult 1/5
Light 1/50-1/100
Heavy 1/10

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