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Life’s Inventions Magazine.  

We invite fellow inventors, manufacturers, marketers, and industry professionals interested in and qualified to contribute to the editorial content of a magazine dedicated to new inventions and products. As an impartial editorial platform, we will give voice to a diverse range of thoughtful viewpoints – some critical some congratulatory – but all constructive in the areas of inventions / new products and how they relate to life. These contributions will be assembled into a monthly series of online and print editorials that will form the Life’s Inventions Magazine and New Products Catalog and reference portal.

Call for Submissions
Initial short editorial and opinion pieces are solicited for Life’s Inventions Magazine. Contributions should be between 250 and 500 words and submitted on or before the 5th of each month. We particularly encourage unique voices and contributions, a range of opinion and style, and specific comment as opposed to broad generalities. The areas of interest include new inventions that have been manufactured and are available for distribution or that are currently sold; the stories of their development; and the process of bringing them to market. Success stories, case studies and other subject matter regarding new an innovative products, inventions and ideas, are welcomed. 
Instructions for authors can be found at the Life’s Inventions website, http:// LifesInventions.com, and submissions are preferred by email to [email protected]. Longer research pieces and commentaries are also solicited; expressions of interest in developing longer pieces are welcome and should also be sent to the Editors at [email protected]
With all submissions, include a suggested title and subtitle, a 50 word summary or synopsis, and the story itself. Photos and Illustrations are also welcomed in digital or printed format.  

Project Editorial Committee
Julie Carmen Editor-in-Chief
Billy Carmen CEO Wizard Industries, Inc., Managing Editor
Steve Messer, Editor
Wizard Industries, Inc.
Product Exposure Services, Inc.
Attn: Billy Carmen
2051 W. Mountain Street
Glendale, CA 91201
[email protected]

Life’s Inventions is intended to be the premier journal in its field, focusing on the intersection of inventions, new products and life relating to product sales, exposure, PR and marketing. It is a peer-reviewed, international, multi-disciplinary publication designed for researchers and practitioners from the invention, marketing, sales and distribution industries. Life’s Inventions Magazine is edited at Wizard Industries, Inc. and Product Exposure Services, Inc. and published by the PXSI Press.

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