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PRESS CONTACT: Bob Grossman –
February 23, 2005 – Van Nuys, CA – Moulton Logistics has been retained to handle fulfillment by the Sample Rewards™ system (http://SampleRewards.com), a unique product exposure, sales and distribution process that combines customer participation referral functions with precisely targeted marketing, PR and media exposure.
Products featured in the system are presented directly to industry buyers through a combination of concentrated media exposure tools, targeted product introductions and a network of incentive-driven consumers who are rewarded for suggesting new dealers and retailers for marketers’ products.
The Sample Rewards system was developed in 1999 by Sample Rewards co-founder and CEO, Billy Carmen, to help broaden product exposure around the world. The system rewards consumers with free merchandise in exchange for product referrals to retailers.
Carmen also owns Wizard Industries (http://Wizind.com) through which he markets 68 products of his own, along with many hundreds of other specialty, DM and retail products.
“Within a few weeks of launching the SampleRewards.com system at Wizard Industries, companies like ACE Hardware, Sears, Hammacher Schlemmer and hundreds of other retailers were stocking Wizard Industries products.
 “It’s all because of the incredible power of the World Wide Web and enthusiastic consumers,” said Carmen.
Over the years, the system has been adapted to assist in the exposure and distribution of innovative new products from other manufacturers. Today, the
 http:// Sample Rewards.com website is the driving force behind not only Wizard Industries distribution and sales, but also sales of products made by hundreds of other manufacturers and inventors.
The unique, patent pending system utilizes special methodology and technology that provides consumers and industry users with the ability to refer retailers to manufacturers relating to specific new products. The system greatly increases the exposure of the item to consumers and in addition expedites the often-difficult process of introducing a new item manufacturer to retailers.
“We’ve basically built a system that allows the end user consumers to help be our eyes and ears in the path of retailers,” said Carmen, adding “One of the most difficult challenges for a new item is achieving retailer awareness and penetration, and our system helps open many doors.”
Fulfillment is being handled by Moulton Logistics.
“All I can say is, thank goodness for Moulton,” said Carmen. Our system has provided so many new retailer customers that the ability to be efficient in fulfillment on our end was a huge challenge,” said Carmen.
 “At one time I was the head of a web development firm, designing and managing technology-intensive web sites for clients like Sony, Ford, Hyundai and many others, and the same, extremely sophisticated technology has been used to manage both Sample Rewards and Wizard Industries. Developing products and building the technology to sell products was a piece of cake for us.  Logistics and fulfillment was a sharp pain, however.
“I was about to give up on the prospect of ever finding a fulfillment company that would be compatible with, and could keep up with, our technology.
“But then fortunately I found Moulton. They really are what they claim to be, a technology company that happens to be in the fulfillment business.
“After seven years of juggling our success, the constant technology development and our internal inefficiencies in packing and shipping, our teaming with Moulton has provided a huge relief. We can now concentrate on what we do best: getting products to market!” concluded Carmen.