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Drywall Hanging Tool FreeHands

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A Wise Man Said: “It Is Better to Think with Your Head
Than To Balance Drywall on Your Head”
FreeHands™ Drywall Hanger Finds Tool-Savvy Audience
Blairstown, NJ (or Duluth Trading or Wizard Industries??), October 2007 … The patented FreeHands™ Drywall Hanger has created a buzz among neophyte home improvers and trade professionals alike.  Both have been frustrated by the need for a second set of hands to put up ceilings when willing friends are busy, or, if you are an individual contactor short of manpower.  Sometimes you choose to work alone; sometimes people just don’t show up.  In any case, it is important to have the right tool to get the job done.
A surprising number of people really do hold up drywall boards on their heads while standing precariously on chairs or ladders (the scene becomes really interesting when you add a six pack); skilled workers carry around 8 foot “dead man” T-supports, or longer for higher ceilings.  Now you can do it with a safe, reusable tool that fits in your pocket.
FreeHands™ were invented by a building professional in Blairstown, NJ who knew the problem, solved it for himself, and then extended his expertise to others.  The tool itself looks deceptively simple, yet it accomplishes a complex function.  
FreeHands™ Drywall Hangers screw temporarily into the vertical studs to support the first board against the wall while you nail or screw in the board.  Then (and here’s the clever part) once the first row is done, you reposition the Hangers turned horizontally to support the joining second row of boards into the room. The FreeHands™ support the sheets securely and safely while you drive in the nails or screws.  And so on, across the room.  Thus the ingenious two-way design lets you hang the starter sheet using the L-shaped lip for support; you can then smoothly reverse the hanger to create a lifting tab to support the next sheets.
The tool works on any thickness of drywall. Once the ceiling is complete, to put up the wall measure down 48 inches from the ceiling and apply the FreeHands™ vertically to support the top row of boards. 
The FreeHands™ are crafted with high quality, durable Lexan® plastic to carry a full load.  Measuring 4 inches tall, with a one-inch lip, a pair of them fit easily in your pocket. They are sold in a pack of two with four 2 inch mounting screws included.
The FreeHands™ Drywall Hanger is available at Duluth Trading Co. www.duluthtrading.com , www.Amazon.com , www.SampleRewards.com www.dulthtrading.comwhere web site graphics show how the tool works and how it simply and effortlessly reduces the workload – and “head load”– for anyone putting up a ceiling. 

For more information contact Wizard Industries, Inc. 866-781-8033 or go to www.wizind.com        

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