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Recycled Wood Woodworking Metal Detector Little Wizard

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Contact: Billy Carmen, CEO

September 10, 2002


The Little Wizard Woodworking Metal Detector is updated with new features, improved reliability and increased ease-of-use.

Van Nuys, California – The Little Wizard, one of the “Best New Products of 2001” according to Canadian Woodworking magazine, has gotten even better.

The inexpensive woodworking metal detector has seen tremendous growth in popularity and brand recognition. “It filled a need within the woodworking community for an inexpensive, easy-to-use metal detector,” says company CEO Billy Carmen.

The Little Wizard II, now in distribution, replaces the Little Wizard. With updated circuitry, the reliability of the unit has been improved. Modified construction methods also produce a more solid unit. But the most notable new feature is the externally accessible coarse-tuning adjustment screw.

“Coarse tuning was previously done at the factory,” says Carmen. “But geographic and climatic variations sometimes meant the factory setting was not optimal for some users.” The externally accessible coarse tuning screw allows anyone to easily and quickly adjust the unit for optimum performance. “Once adjusted, its simple one-handed operation is virtually fool-proof,” he noted.

There's probably nothing more annoying to a woodworker than damaging a planer, saw or jointer blade. Frequently small metal objects such as staples, nails, screws or even bullets can be hidden inside new or recycled wood. Undetected, these metal culprits often cause costly planer or jointer blade damage, or worse still, they can cause injury to woodworkers.

The Little Wizard II helps detect metal objects buried up to 1 1/2” deep in wood. It is small, lightweight, and inexpensive. Retailing for only $19.95, it is currently available nationwide through Sears, ACE Hardware stores, Woodcraft Supply, Lee Valley, and many other woodworking and specialty tool suppliers, hardware stores, and most catalog retailers.

Canadian Woodworker magazine chose Wizard Detectors as one of the “Top Ten Products of 2001,” rating them “5 stars (out of 5).”

“The numerous Little Wizard reviews by the largest woodworking publications have been unanimously favorable,” noted Carmen, “and we know the updated Little Wizard II is even better.”

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