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Lumber Wizard 5 Woodworking Metal Detector

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Popular woodworking metal detector features foolproof one-handed operation

Wizard Industries' Lumber Wizard woodworking metal detector has received a lot of praise since its launch in 1999. The newest model, dubbed the Lumber Wizard III, is now shipping and features great improvements in ease of operation and reliability. It is sure to be a hit with woodworkers everywhere.



The Lumber Wizard, designed especially to meet the needs of woodworkers, features a highly sensitive detection coil, more sensitive than comparable and expensive "security" metal detectors. It has been optimized to pick up small fragments of metal that may be hidden inside new or used lumber. The new Lumber Wizard III hasn't lost any of that sensitivity or detection capability.


The new model features the same ergonomic design, allowing close scanning of lumber without scraping knuckles. Switchable audio and vibration alerts allow easy use in noisy workshops. Fine-tuning, which is usually a one-time operation thanks to the improved circuitry, is still possible by an easily accessible tuning screw.

The detection circuitry itself has also been revised. Sensitivity to metals, including brass, copper, steel, and aluminum, hasn't been sacrificed, while the new circuitry more easily avoids false positives from ground balance, mineralization, and movement. The result is a more reliable detector.

Retailing at an affordable $99.95, the new Lumber Wizard III can pay for itself the first time a planer or saw blade is saved from damage by hidden metal inside lumber.

"We're very excited about these improvements to an already indispensable product for woodworkers. We know our customers will be too," concluded Carmen.

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To order or find a retailer, contact Wizard Industries, Inc. at 866-781-8033 or visit the Wizard Industries, Inc. website for additional information.

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Reusing wood saves trees; can be used for everything from wood shop class to home repairs.

Recycling is no longer a trend or a fad set forth by the hippie generation. It is a way of life. It has become an integral part of how our society functions. Fifty-four percent of shoppers demonstrated that they actively consider environmental sustainability characteristics in their buying decisions, according to a recent study released by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and Deloitte.

And recycled wood is no exception. Recycled wood is being used for everything from woodshop classes in high schools to art projects to furniture to construction. Recycled wood is popular for many reasons, including its appearance, uniqueness, the fact that it's a green building material, the history or story often associated with the wood, and the wood's quality, strength and stability.

For projects that embrace the green building standards incorporated within the LEED rating system for new construction and environmentally friendly flooring, the use of recycled lumber will boost the ratings that ultimately provide for one-time and ongoing energy-saving tax credits. And, of course, the environmental factors associated with using recycled wood are worth the costs.

The wood can be found in old barns, old warehouses and construction sites; however, the wood comes with a history. It can have notches or holes, usually containing bolts and nails. Removing those nails is an extremely tedious process – one that can be avoided with new tools found on the market today.

Tools such as the Lumber Wizard, Little Wizard, and Nail Hunter have allowed removing nails from “reclaimed” or recycled wood much more efficient.

“Before these products, woodworkers were using the naked eye to find nails and then prying them out with a crowbar and pliers; a process that sounds simple but requires many steps to removing the old nail without damaging the wood,” said Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries and creator o the Wizard brand and distributor of the Nail Hunter.

The Lumber Wizard and Little Wizard are two electronic devices similar to a metal detector that scan the wood to find nails. This is extremely important when running the wood through a planer. The Nail Hunter is a curved set a pliers that allows you to dig out a nail from reclaimed wood without breaking it off or having to go step-by-step with a crowbar and hammer. “Old nails can often be brittle and break easily. The Nail Hunter edges are soft enough to grip the nail and pull it out without cutting it,” Carmen said. “It also has a strike pad designed to give you leverage with a hammer.” Both products have been featured at the National Hardware Show and can be found at a variety of retailers.

For more information on Wizard Industries or the Lumber Wizard, Little Wizard or Nail Hunter, please visit: www.LumberWizard.com or www.ProductNewsChannel.com.

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 The Lumber Wizard, a favorite tool among woodworkers nationwide, now has a feature to help pinpoint buried metal in reclaimed wood.


The popular metal detector has been a staple in the industry for more than a decade now. “It has filled a need for a highly sensitive, affordable, feature-packed metal detector for woodworkers,” says company CEO Billy Carmen. “With our personal customer support and great warranty, we’ve become a favorite of many consumers.”


On June 20th at the AWFS Show in booth 1268, Wizard Industries will be unveiling the new Lumber Wizard 4 Laser Line Woodworking Metal Detector that features an improved circuit design, and a laser line indicator. The highly sensitive detector is now more reliable than ever, and it makes locating metal easier and faster due to its laser line indicator.


“This new version provides much more detection depth and a bright red laser line generator that makes buried metal a lot easier to find,” noted Carmen. “User reviews have been off the chart, and having the product be the first of any type laser indicating metal detector, makes it cutting edge in many ways.” 


There's probably nothing more annoying to a woodworker than damaging a planer, saw or jointer blade. Frequently small metal objects such as staples, nails, screws or even bullets can be hidden inside new or recycled wood. Undetected, these metal culprits often cause costly planer or jointer blade damage, or worse still, they can cause injury to woodworkers.


The new Lumber Wizard 4 Laser Line helps detect metal objects buried up to 4” deep in wood and  the new laser provides a precise visual reference so as to speed removal of metals that can damage blades in tooling. It is easy to use, very precise, and is must for every woodshop. Retailing for $149.95, it is currently available nationwide through Woodcraft Supply, Rockler, Lee Valley, Amazon.com, Sears.com, Eagle America and many other woodworking and specialty tool suppliers, hardware stores, and most woodworking catalog and online retailers. “It can easily pay for itself with just one blade saved,” noted Carmen.

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