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Sisters Go National with Nebraska Product
Sisters Go National with Nebraska Product Omaha, NE – Sisters Jan Fowler and Bonnie Young knew 14 years ago that the drips from drink coolers were a hassle. The daughters of a perennial problem solver, they set about finding a practical solution. After a long journey with many obstacles, the entrepreneurial siblings will see their product, The Beverage Butler, lept onto the national scene as the "Deal of the Day " on the As Seen On TV website, asseenontv.com, on March 27. The Beverage Butler drip catcher eliminates the messy and sometimes dangerous drips caused by beverage servers and drink coolers with a spigot. Made of polypropylene with a durable living hinge, the product folds so it can be stored inside the drink container. The Beverage Butler holds 2 issued utility patents. “It was important to us to create an attractive, durable product that would provide a simple solution,” says Fowler. “Once we had a mold for our product we joined GROW Nebraska to begin exploring our marketing options.” “Our first production run of 177 sold out at the 2010 GROW Nebraska Buy Local Store at the State Fair, 77 walk in sales and 100 to a wholesaler because of the State Fair exposure,” states Fowler. “Networking has been key to our success thus far. We have also joined inventor groups for support and to seek out additional leads.” The two women live in Holdrege and the product is manufactured in Omaha, making it a true Nebraska product. Fowler and Young also took advantage of services available from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, the Community Economic Development Clinic at Creighton University School of Law, the South Central Economic Development District, and the PK Partnership. According to Young, “There are great resources in Nebraska to help build a business, but it still takes a lot of persistence, and in our case, prayer.” Return to Product

 You’re at a church dinner and it’s time for coffee.  But the pot’s spigot is leaking all over the place, again.  Don’t you just hate that?  Beverages served from spigots inevitably create leaks, with dangerous, damaging, unsightly puddles on the floor. Whether it is at church, a conference, or around the cooler at work – there’s a mess.

Not anymore -- a new invention coming on to the market is the Beverage Butler, and it’s putting an end to all those messy drips. The Beverage Butler is an attractive, durable, drip catcher for use with any container with a spigot, designed to fold for easy storage. And, unlike homemade “solutions” it is attractive with a patented hinge for folding and storing.  It comes in dark or light gray but can be made in any desired color, even with company logos.  
This “Why didn’t I think of that?!” drip catcher is manufactured by The Beverage Butler company.  And it’s priced modestly so all can enjoy a mess free beverage.
Notes company spokesman and designer Young: “For many years we noticed that whenever we were at any event where beverages were being served from containers with spigots, there were invariably leaks which resulted in dangerous, unsightly puddles on the floor. We began to see homemade solutions to this problem. Among them, bulky tin drip catchers which were not attractive and a nightmare to store, and two liter milk and pop bottles partially cut out and hung from the spigots.  
“Even though these effectively caught the drips, they were ugly and awkward. We often heard people comment, "someone should invent something to catch the drips".  We  started playing with that concept and the Beverage Butler evolved from a primitive prototype of tin similar to what we had seen, to the much smaller, effective and attractive Beverage Butler we are introducing to the market at this time.
“We were looking for something that was attractive, easy to store, practical and efficient.”
The resulting Beverage Butler is attractive, easy to clean, and easy to stack and store solution to any drip needs.  It is manufactured of the most durable plastic available-polypropylene- with is stain proof, and strong.
An attractive, durable drip catcher for use with any container with a spigot, designed to fold for easy storage. 
It solves the problem of messy, sticky, dangerous puddles on the floor from beverages, ketchup or laundry soap, or anything served in a container with a spigot. The folded size solves the problem of storage.  It is attractive enough to use at even the most formal events.  
Coffee and other beverages can dissolve floor adhesive and loosen tiles and it can stain counters, floors and carpets. People use trash cans, towels, cookie sheets, cut out soda bottles etc. to try to solve the problem.  All of those solutions are unsightly.
The Beverage Butler is special because it has a living hinge which allows it to fold for storage inside the containers or stacked, taking up very little valuable shelf space.  It also has “bumps” designed into the bottom of the receiving cup to deflect any spatters. 
The MSRP (retail price) is $14.99. Targeted markets are churches, meeting halls, businesses, motels, hotels, sports stadiums, conferences – anywhere beverages are served from spigots.
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