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Artwork Hangers Secure Quick Heavy Duty

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Secure Quick Furniture Restraint Systems
Save Life And Property

Custom-made earthquake fasteners, such as the all-metal Secure Quick Fasteners, are crucial in protecting your valuables from damage.

VAN NUYS, CA (November 18, 2003) Most individuals who have not lived through a major earthquake do not realize the severe damage and/or injury that can occur from falling furniture, appliances, etc. The 1994 Northridge earthquake, which measured a magnitude of 6.7 on the Richter scale, demonstrated what large moving items, such as a 600-pound armoire, could do during an intense quake. Both large and small items can become lethal projectiles. Yet, simple preventive measures can be taken to save both life and property when a major earthquake strikes.

The remedy to flying furniture, artwork and tumbling possessions is simple tie them down with adequate restraining devices, the likes of which are designed for earthquake safety! But, how does one define "adequate?"

Several companies sell consumers fastening gizmos “designed” to hold down furniture and appliances. Yet, most of these products are made from plastic, cloth webbing or hook and loop materials that any professional can recognize as a placebo. However, legitimate restraining devices do exist, devices that are engineered for earthquakes, not marketed for panic and impulse buying.

The most effectively and properly designed of these is made and distributed by Van Nuys-based Wizard Distribution, Inc. http://wizarddistribution.com and Secure Quick (http://secure-quick.com). Utilizing aerospace quality components (such as aircraft cable and high strength metal fittings tested to over 1000 pounds), the Secure Quick furniture restraint systems bind furniture to walls in order to insure little to no movement. The system is not only stronger than any other fastening product available, but it is also the only restraint system that can be completely concealed.

Insurance companies all agree that the best way to diminish loss in a natural disaster is to be properly prepared. For about the cost of a quart of varnish, you can prevent a piece of furniture from hitting the floor or worse, your head, during a major quake. Things like damage or destruction of furniture, personal injury or the blocking of an exit path can easily be avoided with the Secure Quick furniture restraint systems the best form of insurance you can buy.

All Secure Quick products are widely available at Ace Hardware Stores nationwide, West Coast hardware and specialty stores, mail order at 866-781-8033 or on the company’s website at www.secure-quick.com.


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