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Bifocal Reading Safety Glasses

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Contact: Billy Carmen, CEO

November 10, 2003


Wizard Industries’ recently launched Shop Specs find new markets in Automotive and repair, Engineering & Mining, Sports, Medical and related industries.

Van Nuys, California – Since the launch of Wizard Industries’ Safety Specs, the woodworking industry has gobbled up supplies of the innovative bifocal safety glasses. Wizard is expanding its marketing to other industries where safety and close-up reading ability should not be an either-or proposition. With many thousands of eye injuries every year, and over 90% of them preventable, the importance of eye protection cannot be over-emphasized.

Wizard’s Specs represent a great leap forward in safety and convenience. People’s eyes naturally lose their ability to focus at close distances with age, a common condition known as presbyopia, and are corrected with reading glasses. For the millions of people who wear reading glasses and work or participate in activities where eye safety is a concern, they are a real blessing.

Initially marketed to the woodworking world as the Wizard Safety Specs, the innovative glasses are being enthusiastically embraced in a variety of industries and fields. “We’re being approached by people with many different interests, from hobbyists, to sports enthusiasts, to nuclear and automotive engineers and even for home and garden uses ” remarked Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries. “There are many, many uses for these glasses, and we’re making them available to several new markets.”

Just announced are the Wizard Shooting Specs, bifocal safety glasses for hunting, shooting, and firearms use. “We’re thoroughly saturating the hunting market,” said Carmen, “and have found just as much enthusiasm for them from hunters and shooters across the nation.” The Wizard Shooting Specs will also be available with high-contrast yellow lenses, designed to increase visual contrast and make targets more easy to see on cloudy days with flat lighting, as well as smoke-gray lenses for those bright, sunny days.

Similarly, Wizard is packaging the much sought-after safety glasses for consumer fishing markets as the Fishing Specs, for auto shop and aerospace workers as the Mechanic Specs, and for the medical establishment as the Medical Specs.

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These comfortable and stylish safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 requirements for impact resistance and safety. The Wizard Safety Specs improve safety in more ways than one. They help protect the eyes from flying debris, as do many other safety glasses. According to Carmen, “These glasses also help prevent accidents in the first place, by providing clearer close-up vision to those who use them.”

Available in the most commonly used strengths of +1, +1.5, +2, +2.5 and +3 diopters, the Wizard Safety Specs’ optically clear lenses do not affect normal long distance vision. The 28 mm flat-top bifocal segments provide better close-up vision to those who normally wear reading glasses. This allows for more precise close-up work, with improved safety and convenience. With temple pieces adjustable for length and angle, a perfect, comfortable fit is ensured.

“We believe this product will help reverse the notion of safety glasses being a ‘hindrance,’ and make them more a convenient, comfortable and helpful item that people will want to use,” emphasized Carmen. “Safety and convenience is no longer an either/or proposition.”

The Wizard Safety Specs, are available from Wizard Industries and through many woodworking, tool and hardware stores, hunting and fishing stores, and industrial suppliers across the country. Dealer inquiries are invited.

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