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US Patent number 7,249,064.


A patent for WizardDistribution.com business model was granted!

What makes our SmallBrandNation.com methodology and technology so special it deserves a US patent? It’s a new and completely unique business method that combines referral technology to allow new products to rapidly enter the national market through "retailer referrals and DTC, Direct To Consumer,". Our methodology and technology offers small brand owners a full-service "turn-key" retailer referral system along with retail and wholesale distribution.

We're a "one stop shop" for new products going to market.

The most interesting aspect of our system is we don’t have a sales force... unless you count the millions of people that can alert us of retailers that may be a fit for the products in our distribution system.

Our system provides true logic based business and product exposure along with
(DTC) Direct To Consumer Distribution. It provides ordinary consumers the reward of samples of products they help put into retail and wholesale outlets by simply informing us of the retailers contact information. We at Wizard Industries began the program in 1999 with our own products and soon discovered the technique was extremely effective. Using our patented methodology with our first product, the "Little Wizard" Woodworking Metal Detector,  we became a major national brand in a matter of months.

Since then our system has provided services to retailers around the USA and deals with consumers daily. All through our unique and powerful - and now patented - product exposure, sales, customer service and distribution system.

(DTC) Direct To Consumer methodology and technology is supported by our product branding, manufacturing / distribution, product news video reporting (see: our product news videos here), These elements make our patented system an emerging new referral player bringing together communications technologies that have never been utilized before in the new product exposure and marketing arena. 

It’s an extremely exciting business reality.

Honestly we can hardly contain ourselves at having received a patent for this marvelous business method and the advanced technology that drives it.

Nevertheless, our ability to provide effective, logical, fair, honest and equitable ways to bring new products to the national market with methodologies is Wizard Industries paramount achievement. Our trademarked slogan has always been "Business Building Based On Logic".  Our system does that... and does that uniquely and well.

So hooray for us! And for all the consumers, inventors, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers who benefit from our patented system!

*To learn more about what a business method and technology patent is see NOLO's description here.

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