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"Patent 7,249,064 issued for SampleRewards.Com"

Glendale, California - "America's Inventologist", Billy Carmen, founder and CEO of  SampleRewards.Com announced United States Patent 7,249,064 was issued for the SampleRewards.com unique customer referral system on July 24th.

"Our SampleRewards.Com system", says Carmen, "allows us to use the speed-of-light communications of the Internet to connect inventors as well as manufactures with new customers and new retail and wholesale outlets.  It’s a unique idea.  And the US Patent and Trademark Office agrees."

The SampleRewards.Com system has been in operation for over eight years as a developing business model and has succeeded in placing hundreds of new products into world-wide sales and

"We handle any sort of product", Carmen says.  "But we shine especially in handling new inventions.  SampleRewards.Com is a system where an inventor can bring his or her product and we will
work directly toward getting it made and sold at both the wholesale and retail levels.  SampleRewards.Com works!  Our numerous successful product launches and our new US patent proves it."

Carmen began his career as "America's Inventologist" with his own inventions beginning with the Wall Wizard stud finder he developed over a decade ago and continued with dozens of other popular products.  "My first inventions brought me to the realization few people or companies actually knew what was involved in making product ideas a success.   I began studying "inventology" - or how new products are brought into the real world of sales.   After a lot of hardship and hard work, I decided what I learned from my experience in the field could help many others make successes of their inventions too.  After all, when you get right down to it helping people is what life is really all about."

Mr. Carmen has appeared on national radio and television programs and is currently available for interviews.

Call:  866-781-8033

Or log onto: www.inventologist.com or www.SampleRewards.com

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