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"Patented Sales System Creates Huge Search Engine Targets"

Glendale, California -  Since StartupNation.com named SampleRewards.com as one of the top five home based business on MSNBC, the company's co-founder, Billy Carmen, has been inundated with inquiries about how the SampleRewards.com's patented sales system works.

"It's simple 'viral marketing'", Carmen says.  "But with a twist I call Cyberspace Gravity".

He goes on to explain, "Viral marketing is an advanced form of 'word of mouth' and is the essence of the SampleRewards program.  We offer ordinary consumers the chance to get free products by recommending the products to wholesalers and retailers.  The SampleRewards method puts
huge numbers of  consumers to work for various companies for the reward of product samples.  It's a win-win-win situation all around."

"One thing, though," Carmen reflects, " we did not calculate in the beginning of SampleRewards has worked to the great advantage of companies using our sales system."

"The word 'cyberspace', was coined by science fiction writer William Gibson in 1984.  It refers to the virtual world created by communication over the internet,"  Carmen tells us.  "It turns out 'cyberspace' - like real space - actually has a form of gravity."

"And we at SampleRewards have discovered it!", he exclaims.

"Our system operates primarily through over a hundred different websites... all linked together. The biggest search engines use algorithms favoring linked sites.  Like gravity pulling elements and materials into larger and larger entities - galaxies, stars and planets - the clustering of linked websites at SampleRewards has created a huge form of "cyberspace gravity" that makes companies using SampleRewards zoom way up in the most important search engines.  Sometimes  they make it to the top of the search engine's list.  Sometimes not.  But always
to the first page.  And that creates even more hits for the sites and more sales for the SampleRewards.com companies."

"It wasn't part of our business plan."  Carmen confesses.  "But it's real and the effects are profound."

He smiles.  "And - no matter what - it's a beautiful thing!"

To learn more about SampleRewards, please log onto: www.SampleRewards.com/


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