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Billy Carmen
Innovative Christmas Lists Top Unique Gifts of the Season
Web site dedicated to new products from inventors and small companies introduces the top gifts for this holiday
Glendale, CA  – Finding the perfect gift for your friends and family can be a chore – not to mention that a trip to the mall this time of year can lead even the sweetest person to fisticuffs with their fellow shopper.
This year, InventiveChristmas.com, a Web site devoted to innovative new products that are created by inventors and small companies around the world, has introduced its top unique gift ideas – sure to please those on your list and keep the holiday spirit while shopping.
"Smart shoppers can find some really unique gifts online and avoid the hassle of malls, checkout lines and traffic. Inventive Christmas offers an alternative to the 'get everywhere' products typically sold in malls, catalogs and other larger retail Web sites. You'd be amazed by what exceptional gifts you can find," said Billy Carmen, CEO and co-founder of InventiveChristmas.com.
Carmen lists the top unique gifts from InventiveChristmas.com:
  • The Magic Massager: For those that need to take the stress off, this gift offers a deep massage without the mess of oils or lotions.
  • Gorilla Gripper: For the handyman in your life, this unique handle device makes carrying sheets of plywood, drywall or other sheet goods a snap.
  • Birdshot Wizard: This high-tech metal detector makes it easy to find those elusive pieces of metal birdshot in quail, pheasant or duck.
  • Scan-It Toy Airport Scanner: An educational and creative play toy that helps children become acclimated with airport and public-spaces security while providing hours of discovery fun.
  • Solar Cell Phone Charger: For those always on the go, this device offers portable pocket power. The charger lets you recharge all your personal electronic devices anywhere the sun shines – and can even store energy using the included AC and car adapters when the sun isn't shining.
  • Pet Car Seat: BedPals™ are the original 2-in-1 pet bed and car seat. The fluffy and unique shape provides snuggle-up comfort and restful naps anywhere you go.
InventiveChristmas.com offers hundreds of unique, new inventions ranging from housewares, cooking, tools, gardening, pet, sporting goods, toys, health and fitness, beauty, herbal, environmental, etc. The Web site also provides product videos, inventor interviews, invention resources product reviews and innovation articles.
In addition, it's the only shopping site that also provides free gifts for its shoppers that help participate in the exposure of products. Built on the SampleRewards.com platform, a patented product marketing system, the site allows consumers to get free products from manufacturers in exchange for pointing out retailers that will stock products found on the site.
"Even though the folks at Inventive Christmas don't dress in red suits trimmed with white fur, nor hale from The North Pole, they often seem to have a 'bottomless pack' of new inventions anyone can get for themselves - or as gifts for others - for free," Carmen said.  "And though they may not get to you via eight tiny reindeer, they do send them free - even of delivery charges - when people participate in the patented SampleRewards.Com referral opportunities."
For more information on unique gift ideas from InventiveChristmas.com or the SampleRewards plan, please contact Billy Carmen at (866) 781-8033, or visit www.InventiveChristmas.com.

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