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Contact:             Billy Carmen, CEO
Manufacturer Develops New Technology Geared Toward Assisting Reps
The highly effective SampleRewards system launches an upgraded product exposure and distribution network, featuring a number of new services for manufacturers and their reps
Van Nuys, California –What started out as a “grass-roots” marketing and product exposure system has helped Wizard Industries, along with dozens of other manufacturers, get their products into new markets. And with SampleRewards proving increasingly successful, Wizard has expanded its system to include a new functionality that focuses on manufacturer reps. With the launch of the new SampleRewards Web site, the system has become an even more powerful and complete solution for manufacturers interested in selling and promoting new products with the assistance of a patent pending technology and a growing network of professional sales reps.
“Manufacturers and their reps will quickly see the numerous unique and powerful product exposure, awareness and sales functions built into the SampleRewards system,” notes Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries, and developer of the SampleRewards system. “Having been designed and built by a progressive manufacturer who came out of the technology world, this system was originally developed to aid in the exposure, marketing and sales of Wizard Industries’ own products. But after having the opportunity to incubate, use and refine its unique business model and distribution technology, Wizard decided to expand the system to allow other manufacturers and reps to benefit from its proven network. SampleRewards has become a more dynamic, complete and effective marketing solution than what has normally been available within traditional marketing and sales methods. We’re accomplishing faster and efficient market exposure, broader penetration and easier sales using our technology and marketing methods. All this, along with the unique ability to gain representation easier, has proven to be the number one reason for our product’s success.”
Especially useful in niche markets, the SampleRewards system helped Wizard Industries penetrate retail markets in less time than would otherwise have been possible for a new product or brand. Through their system, consumers help generate interest for a product at the ground level and are rewarded for recommending new products to local or online retailers. Consumers are directed to the Web site through listings on Google, Yahoo! and other search engines, as well as articles and reviews in trade publications. Once on the site, the consumer can simply purchase the product or can get the product for free by making a successful referral to a retailer. Once the referral is made, the RepAlerts system kicks in filtering, processing, storing and distributing the product’s information to a massive audience of retailers, distributors and, of course, participating reps. The SampleRewards system does all of this automatically. The end result: sales materials are delivered to retailers, while manufacturers and reps are alerted to close the sale. In less than two years, Wizard has been able to place products in over 15,000 retail stores across the U.S. and internationally.

The SampleRewards system stores a wealth of product information, specifications, sales material, press and publicity information, manufacturer contact information as well as a powerful retail store locator for every product in its catalog. Once the system is armed with a manufacturer’s data, it can begin to work its magic. Best of all, this is offered to the manufacturer, their reps and the retailer at no cost.
“Bottom line, the SampleRewards service includes a wealth of functions aimed at helping manufacturers and their reps put products on shelves,” says Carmen. “The SampleRewards system can quickly match retailers and manufacturers directly with professional product reps specializing in their niche. With SampleRewards, manufacturers can better empower their existing product reps and marketing personnel.”
In addition, manufacturers can develop press and advertising campaigns with SampleRewards’ Press Release Broadcast function. This allows for press releases to be included with a manufacturer’s online product information. The press releases are stored on the SampleRewards system and broadcast to media companies that cover the manufacturer’s target markets.
“It’s a complete, cost-efficient and very effective system,” says Carmen. “We try to help manufacturers target their marketing to their specific niche. It has worked for Wizard, and we know it can work for others.”
SampleRewards is now available for any manufacturer who would like to penetrate retail markets with their products. Manufacturers can upload their own products and manage their own market presence through SampleRewards.com… free of charge.
More information can be found at http://SampleRewards.com.
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