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SpotPitch offers Video-Savvy Consumers a Fun Way to Shop
Commercial videos introduce consumers to new inventions; provides new outlet for product exposure
GLENDALE, Calif. <06-22-08> -- You can't run from social media any more. Therefore, businesses and consumers alike are adapting to how products and services are seen. 

For example, product support videos are now one of the most important tools for product exposure and are the most valuable sales assets a manufacturer or brand owner can have due to the increased number of consumers shopping online.

TV commercials, "how to" product demonstrations, B-roll" and news-report videos are vitally important to product marketing and all of these video formats greatly benefit any brand -- from the best known to the brand new.

Billy and Julie Carmen, CEOs of Wizard Industries, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of niche market products, and Product Exposure Services, Inc., a PR and marketing company that provide services exclusively for products Wizard distributes, saw an immediate need for this type of viral marketing. So, they developed www.SpotPitch.com: a system that allows their clients to develop Web-based video presentations that promote their new product in an entertaining way, as well as targeting enthusiastic consumers and retailers.

"We launch hundreds of new products every year and SpotPitch now allows us to offer our clients and other businesses an innovative way to introduce those new inventions to consumers. It's changing the face of product exposure," said Billy. "So much shopping is done online now that it only made sense to add this type of new product marketing and promotion to the mix." According to Julie Carmen, video productions were once associated with a hefty price tag – limiting marketing initiatives, but SpotPitch is designed for any budget.

For manufactures with new products and sometimes-small budgets the system has been very welcoming. "Our product is one that needed a demonstration and with being a new company we did not have the financial abilities to hire the typical production company or highly paid actor," says Brian Corbett of Sentry Light, Inc.

For more information on SpotPitch.com, please contact Billy Carmen at (866) 781-8033 or [email protected].
About Wizard Industries
Wizard Industries, a manufacturing and marketing company for innovative products designed by everyday inventors, not only works almost exclusively with the personal business sector, but is a personal business itself. Formed by Billy and Julie Carmen in 1999, Wizard Industries works with new inventors to get their products manufactured, distributed and marketed. For more information, visit www.WizardDistribution.com.