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Tough Economic Times Causes Businesses to Rethink Product Exposure
Sales reps and manufacturers are taking advantage of social media as they face hard times
With the economy in turmoil and gas prices reaching all-time highs, businesses are looking to promote their products are taking advantage of social media instead of sending their sales reps on the road. Social media marketing is offering a way for manufacturers and inventors to gain buzz on their company, products and services.

            Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries -- a full-scale manufacturing and marketing company for new and innovative products -- says business professionals should embrace social media marketing but be aware that it's not a quick fix for sales.

            Carmen lists some benefits in using social media marketing when trying to gain product exposure:
  • Creates an online "buzz" on your brand. Any talk is better than no talk. Online conversations allow your brand to gain recognition.
  • Low costs. Social media networking is an initiative that is a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and advertising.
  • Can be integrated with traditional marketing. Marketing campaigns have become robust with various initiatives, including social media.
  • People are blocking out traditional advertising. Traditional advertising has lost its appeal and consumers are unresponsive to the campaigns. Social media marketing initiatives are effectively reaching buyers and influencing their decisions.
In an effort to help start-up inventors, sales reps and manufacturers focus on the consumers' interest, Carmen created the Web site: SampleRewards.com. The consumer can search the site for product news, new inventions, product launches and unique items from manufacturers and earn free products while doing so. For manufacturers, the site acts as a referral system that can generate leads.

            “There’s no way to escape social media in today’s age. Whether it’s MySpace or blogs, the face of product exposure is evolving. Samplerewards.com was our way to be a part of the social media marketing trend and help manufacturers create brand awareness while offering consumers incentives,” Carmen said.

            For more information, please visit www.samplerewards.com.
About Wizard Industries
Wizard Industries, a manufacturing and marketing company for new and innovative products, not only works almost exclusively with the personal business sector, but is a personal business itself. Formed by Billy and Julie Carmen in 1999, Wizard Industries works with new product creators to get their products patented, manufactured, distributed and marketed. For more information, visit www.WizardDistribution.com and www.ProductNewsChannel.com .