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New Product Distribution Service

Contact: Billy Carmen, CEO
December 20, 2006
The highly effective SampleRewards features crucial distribution and product exposure services for manufacturers and unique benefits for consumers
Glendale, California -- SampleRewards, a grass-roots marketing and product distribution system, has helped Wizard Industries and a fast growing number other manufactures get their products into new retail markets. As the system has proven increasingly successful for its founding company, SampleRewards provides an array of functionality for varied types manufacturers to sell and promote new products to retailers while providing consumers free products.
"Manufacturers will find the SampleRewards system provides much more than any other type of marketing, product exposure and distribution solution. Armed with a methodology that far surpasses what has been available in traditional marketing and sales," noted Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries, and developer of the SampleRewards system. "We're offering many more streamlined marketing and distribution methods along with the power of established unique consumer-driven product exposure service."
Especially successful with niche markets, the SampleRewards system helped Carmen?s Wizard Industries penetrate retail markets in far shorter time than would otherwise have been possible for a new product or brand. In this system, consumers are rewarded for recommending retailers who may be well suited for particular new products listed in the SampleRewards.com web site. In less than two years, Wizard was able to place products in over 15,000 retail stores around the U.S. and internationally. The stores ranged from small mom-and-pop stores, to large retailers such as Lowes, Sears, Ace Hardware, Amazon.com, Rockler Woodworking, Lee Valley Tools, Axminster (UK) and Gregory's Tools (Australia).
Through the SampleRewards system, manufacturers provide product specifications, literature and information for members of the public to access from their computes. When a consumer sees a product on the SampleRewards system they can match that product to a retailer near them that they feel may be interested in the product.  They can also have product information and samples sent to the retailer directly from the SamplRewards web site. If the retailer places an order, the person who recommended the product to them gets one of those products for free as a reward.
SampleRewards also provides a network of key services to support more traditional marketing methods aimed at helping manufacturers put products on store shelves. For those wanting more aggressive, traditional representation, SampleRewards can match retailers and corporate buyers directly with product information. A printed publication called Life's Inventions New Product Submissions Bulletin places product specifications and information right into the hands of retailers. Life's Inventions is printed monthly and is distributed to retail store buyers, managers and purchasing agents around the USA. 
In addition to providing product information to buyers the referrals made on the system are also distributed to professional product reps specializing in their niche. This function of the site, called RepAlert, advises manufacturer's reps of referrals that have been made to retailers. Once alerted the reps can call upon the retailers to close a sale. "With RepAlert, manufacturers can better empower their existing product reps and marketing personnel," noted Carmen.
With the opportunities for more direct marketing the SampleRewards system is as educational as it is functional. By following the steps and utilizing the services in the SampleRewards system, manufacturers, who often don't know where to begin to get an otherwise worthy product onto retail shelves, can learn about many of outlets available for brand development, marketing, and market penetration. "We've applied all the marketing methods that helped make Wizard so successful, he continued "and have packaged them into a streamlined system for the benefit of other manufacturers."
Manufacturers can now develop press and advertising campaigns with SampleRewards' Press Release Broadcast function. This allows manufacturers to include press releases to their online product information. The press releases are stored on the SampleRewards system and can be broadcast to the media companies that cover the manufacturer's target markets.
"It's a complete, cost-efficient and very effective system," says Carmen. "We try to help manufacturers target their marketing to their specific niche. It has worked for Wizard, and we know it can work for others."
Through strategic alliances and the co-operative efforts of marketing and media experts, SampleRewards has become a one-stop shopping place for marketing and product promotion services. "It's become a virtual shopping mall of exposure services for manufacturers, supported by an impressive team," said Carmen of the system. "copywriters, magazine editors, product related TV hosts and other experts are available through the SampleRewards system to help any manufacturer take a product from the initial introduction level, to wide scale exposure to store shelves."
"But more than that, our technology and methodology" and the consumers who visit the site looking for new and unusual products can see the products that have potential, and help them realize that potential."
Some larger manufacturers have taken notice, and are beginning to utilize the service as a testing ground for their new products. "If a product can generate interest on SampleRewards, it will probably do well in the marketplace,” remarked Carmen.
SampleRewards is available for any manufacturer who would like to penetrate retail markets with their products. Manufacturers can upload their own products, and manage their own market presence through SampleRewards. Adding products to SampleRewards is free to manufacturers. Better yet, when a manufacturer adds products to the system they are also placing the products into Wizard Industries' distribution that provides the manufacture with full-scale distribution to small and large retailers including Amazon.com, Ace Hardware, True Value, Sears, Lowes, home Depot and many other retailers.  
More information can be found at http://SampleRewards.com