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For Immediate Release
February 3, 2005
Manufacturers are loading new products into SampleRewards.com daily, making sales, penetrating new markets, and reaping the rewards.
VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA: SampleRewards.com has received accolades from manufacturers across a wide spectrum of industries. Hundreds of new products are being loaded into the system daily, as manufacturers are seeing the benefits and constantly increasing their retail presence through the system.
SampleRewards is a patent-pending system that brings together manufacturers and consumers to helping promote new and interesting products. Consumers earn free “rewards,” by pointing out retailers who may carry their products. It also brings together traditional marketing methods, sales reps, and media outlets to provide a full-service marketing solution.
“It’s marketing with a viral core, and it just works,” says Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries, Inc., and chief developer of the SampleRewards system. “We saw our new products placed in thousands of retailers in a matter of months utilizing the system. Now we’re making it available to any manufacturer.”
The SampleRewards concept is simple, and the technology behind it makes it easy to use. Consumers find new products in which they are interested. In turn, they let the manufacturer know about local retailers in their area who might be interested in carrying the product. If one of those retailers places a wholesale order, the consumer is rewarded with a free product. The SampleRewards.com system automatically tracks those referrals and rewards, and matches the potential new retailers to manufacturers.
However, it doesn’t stop there. SampleRewards.com is backed by a host of traditional marketing methods, allowing manufacturers to create a comprehensive product information resource for reps, retailers, the media and the public. Services include press release development and distribution, retailer product education, and services to support and energize a manufacturer’s current sales reps.
“We started out just doing free product rewards for consumers,” noted Carmen, “but soon realized that most companies need a comprehensive marketing package to cover all their bases.” Most new manufacturers don’t have the experience to know what sales materials a retailer needs. SampleRewards can help them get those materials together. “For newer manufacturers, it’s as much educational as it is functional,” Carmen continued.
While marketing services are readily available, Carmen states: “what sets us apart is the ability of the SampleRewards to utilize a consumer’s interest in to help get their product into smaller retailers and niche markets.” While working extremely well for niche and regional markets, the system has successfully placed products in Sears, Ace Hardware, and Lowes,” he added.
In addition to the marketing services and referral system, SampleRewards provides a secure online marketplace. “Many customers are happy just to buy the products directly from the manufacturers, without spending the few minutes it takes to earn free products.”
A manufacturer can create a SampleRewards seller account in just a few minutes and immediately begin setting up products. In less than an hour, they can be selling online, and begin utilizing the SampleRewards unique market penetration methods.
If additional, more traditional marketing materials and services are needed, Product Exposure Services, parent and owner of SampleRewards, is ready to step up to the plate with an all-encompassing range of services for manufacturers small and large.
“We’ve seen a phenomenal increase in the use of SampleRewards.com, from both manufacturers and consumers,” noted Carmen. “Preparing for the growth, we recently expanded and streamlined the entire system,” he added.
It’s now even easier for manufacturers to take advantage of the system, and begin reaping the rewards of SampleRewards.com.
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