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Contact:            BILLY CARMEN
For Immediate Release
October 23, 2007
Customers applaud the range of new and interesting products, and can get them for free!
GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA: Customers are flocking to the continuously expanding SampleRewards.com network of web sites (including ProductNewsChannel.com, CommunityNewsRewards.com, LifesInventions.com and over 80 other market specific sites), finding, ordering, and getting an ever-increasing range of new and interesting products for free.
The patented SampleRewards.com system has consistently proven its mettle by introducing thousands of customers to hundreds of new and innovative products, and letting people get them for free by helping manufacturers introduce new products to retailers.
“It’s a simple way for manufacturers to directly thank people for telling them about local retailers,” said Billy Carmen, CEO of Product Exposure Services, Inc, the parent company of SampleRewards.com . “People have been delighted to find great new products, but even more excited to get them at no cost,” Carmen continued.
“We’ve had tons of praise from customers and manufacturers, and we know we’ve developed a win-win system,” said Carmen.
With the number of people and manufacturers using SampleRewards.com steadily growing, Product Exposure Services, Inc. recently expanded and streamlined the web-based system. “Now it’s even easier for people to get free products, or purchase them directly from manufacturers,” noted Carmen.
The process of earning free products is very simple. Customers browse the SampleRewards.com  web sites and find products they’d like to get for free. Using the tools provided through the web sites, they can easily recommend local retailers who don’t yet carry those products. If the retailer places a wholesale order, the system tracks the order, and automatically rewards the customer with that product for free. The customer doesn’t even pay for shipping.
SampleRewards.com  has attracted hundreds of manufacturers, small and large, and they have listed thousands of products. The products range from health and beauty aids, to tools and hardware, specialty sporting goods, household and gardening products, and much more. The manufacturers have seen so much success from the system, that most are adding new products daily. Many of the products are initially not available anywhere else, and people are excited to see and learn about them.
SampleRewards.com has worked really well for us and for many smaller, niche manufacturers, but larger manufacturers are also introducing their products through the system and benefiting as well,” Carmen pointed out. “But the biggest beneficiaries are the customers.”
“It made my day when the free Lumber Wizard showed up on my doorstep. The whole process took me just a few minutes, and I got a $100 product for free a few weeks later,” said John Payne, of Mt. Pleasant, Texas.
On SampleRewards.com and the plethora of market specific sites at About.SampleRewards.com it’s free to browse the products, free to sign up, and every one of the thousands of products can be had for FREE.
And, if customers don’t want to use the easy product recommendation system to get free products, everything can be ordered directly from the manufacturer with a secure online transaction.
Log on now, have a look around, and start getting free products.
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