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Contact: Billy Carmen
  Product News Distribution
  Phone: 248-618-3256

Friday, October 12, 2012
Small Brand Nation Helps New Brand Owners Improve Sales and Awareness Through Engagement

Utilizing a Proprietary Patented Referral Engine and Social Media Tools,SmallBrandNation.com Connects Products With Customers and Retailers
Sebastopol, CA – SmallBrandNation.com, the enterprise solution for brand owners of new products, has dramatically increased its capabilities by leveraging the power of social engagement. Its new user interface uses the simplicity of “pinning”, photo pin boards that are easily viewed, shared and linked to eCommerce shopping. The site has attracted a growing community of small brand owners who use its proprietary method of referrals and grass roots social media to engage with customers, and retailers. Sales and brand awareness have increased for all brand owners who’ve used the site.
“I’ve seen how difficult it is to get a new product into the marketplace, let alone marketed properly,” says Billy Carmen, Founder of Small Brand Nation. “This site is the first of its kind to empower brand owners with one-step sales and top-to-bottom communication capabilities, so products get in front of their target market far more easily.”
Carmen should know. He invented over ten of his own products, all serving niche markets. His first product, the Little Wizard Woodworking Metal Detector, was introduced over 12 years ago and continues to sell as a staple in the woodworking, DIY and tool industry. He also runs several retail sites designed to benefit newly introduced products, inventors and small brands.  Among them, SampleRewards.com employs the same patented system used with Small Brand Nation, which allows consumers to get rewarded for making referrals to potential retailers. But it was his discovery that small brands lacked an effective product exposure and wholesale distribution service that led to the creation of WizardDistribution.com – originally a way to distribute his own products, now helping thousands of other products from hundreds of small brands do the same – and ultimately the birth of Small Brand Nation.
Now in its second year of existence, Small Brand Nation takes advantage of the most effective social media tools available to give brand owners a leg up. Its new interface will seem familiar to anyone who’s used Pinterest.com, Manteresting.com, or any of the photo pinning sites exploding with popularity. Visual, easy-to-scan and offering a bevy of social engagement capabilities, SmallBrand Nation helps brand owners communicate with prospects, customers and fans as easily as wholesalers, retailers and partners.
Small Brand Nation goes further by adding the power of social video to its capabilities. Mr. Carmen has produced over 700 product news videos for small brands since 2008, many of them published to his site, ProductNewsChannel.com. His videos are defined by a non-salesy, easygoing attitude that improves shareability. Since he understands how easily video can be distributed and viewed, he has made it a cornerstone option for brand owners.
His video portfolio and new product expertise led to a partnership with Bill Rogers, a prominent host and television show producer. The two are teamed on four new product-centric shows airing on Time Warner Cable that reach over 8 million viewers in 141 cities. These include American Outdoors TV, Technology Today TV, Wheels in Motion TV and Welcome Home TV.
“Small Brand Nation should alleviate the fear and stress that can be so common for small brandowners,” said Mr. Carmen. “That’s because I’m one of them. And I want to help. We designed this system so they can engage with consumers and retailers easily, grow their brand exposure and improve their sales. There isn’t anything remotely like it available. I call it Business building based on logic™” 
Learn more about Small Brand Nation at SmallBrandNation.com. Additional information is available atWizardDistribution.com and ProductNewsChannel.com. For more information, contact Billy Carmen by email at [email protected], or call 707-824-9400.