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    Contact:            BILLY CARMEN
For Immediate Release
February 6, 2006
Reality and Home Improvement TV shows can generate revenues by utilizing the SampleRewards.com system
STUDIO CITY CALIFORNIA: Television is a great source of information for the public about new products. Now, with the SampleRewards.com system to power their web sites, TV producers and celebrities can continue to promote products used on their program, as well as share in the ongoing profits from those products.
SampleRewards.com is a patent-pending system that brings together manufacturers and consumers to help promote new and interesting products.  It also brings together traditional marketing methods, sales reps, and media outlets to provide a full-service marketing solution, something many manufacturers need.
The SampleRewards.com web site can be privately branded for any TV show or personality, providing an instant online marketplace and ongoing promotional tool for both the show and the products featured. The SampleRewards.com system can be used for both established products, as well as to help promote new products featured on their shows.
The viewing public naturally wants to learn how the television experts accomplish their tasks, and are naturally interested in the tools used on the show. Dan Haggerty from the 80's TV show Grizzly Adams is utilizing the SampleRewards.com system.  Through diyHollywoodStyle.com and DanHaggertyHome.com, he is able to leverage his trusted celebrity status to sell and promote the products used on the various TV shows he encounters.

The SampleRewards methodology is both comprehensive and powerful, and the technology behind it makes it easy for anyone to use. Site licensee’s like TV celebrity Dan Haggerty, or manufacturers they approve, are able quickly post new products. Consumers can easily search for and find those products. The consumer can then purchase the product direct from the manufacturer, in which case the branded site licensee is paid a commission on the sale.

Alternately, the consumer can let the manufacturer know about local retailers in their area who might be interested in carrying the product. If one of those retailers places a wholesale order, the consumer is rewarded with a free product, and the branded site licensee receives a commission off the wholesale sale. The SampleRewards.com system automatically tracks those referrals, rewards, and commissions.
“It’s a win-win-win situation,” noted Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries and developer of the SampleRewards system. “Dan Haggerty is able to post new products that may not yet be available in stores, sell them to the public and receive a percentage of sales profit. The public are able to get free products as they help manufacturers get their products onto retail shelves.” All of which boosts the products exposure and the synergy between the TV show and the manufacturer.
The system is equally applicable to TV shows, radio programs, and print media. DanHaggertyHome.com is one of the first. Others include diyHollywoodStyle.com and LifesInventions.com, which are focused on specific retail segments, and known celebrities and authors within those segments. “By harnessing this synergism between consumers, manufacturers, TV shows, and celebrities, the possibilities are endless,” noted Carmen.
It’s extremely quick for people to take advantage of the system, and begin reaping the rewards of SampleRewards.com. With a logo and a unique domain name, an entire private branded web site can be up and running within a few hours. Better yet, since the main emphasis is product exposure and distribution there are no costs involved for the TV or media companies that want to utilize the private branded system. The entire system, the architecture and technology are provided free to qualifying TV shows or media outlets.

The primary reward for TV and media companies is the ability to participate in the profits gained from the manufacturing and distribution of the products used on their shows, while providing their viewers and sponsors a value-added service. Wizard Industries (both a manufacturer and distributor) has utilized the system to promote and distribute their products with great success.
The SampleRewards system provides for ongoing interaction between the media, manufacturers, retailers and consumers, with the rewards being reaped by all involved.
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