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Reclaimed Wood Metal Detector 5

The Lumber Wizard 4 is the latest version of Wizard Industries' flagship woodworking metal detector. A powerful precision hand-held metal

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A Powerful Metal Detector With laser Line Indicator Designed
Specifically For Wood Workers!


The Lumber Wizard 5 is the latest version of Wizard Industries' flagship woodworking metal detector. A powerful precision hand-held metal detector with a laser line indicator designed specifically for woodworkers, It helps detect small metal objects hidden inside new or used lumber. The new version features easier one-handed use, with automatic calibration every time the unit is turned on, and better false-positive rejection. Undetected nails, screws or other metal fragments can damage expensive jointer, planer and saw blades. Flying metal can also cause serious injury. Easy to use, the Lumber Wizard 4 helps woodworkers prevent equipment damage and personal injury. The unit includes a laser line indicator alert, allowing use of the Lumber Wizard 4 in noisy workshops. The Lumber Wizard 4 has received rave reviews from woodworkers and magazines across the country, and the new version is even better!

The most powerful woodworking metal detector made.

Dimensions: Length 15 in., Width 3-1/8 in., Height 1-1/8 in. Weight: 13 oz.

Detects nails, screws, wire, bullets and other metal objects buried inside of recycled wood.

Types of Metal Detected: Responds equally well to all types of metal, steel, stainless steel, zinc, magnesium, and aluminum. Locates, nails, screws, staples, tacks, bullets, wire and other small metal objects that can destroy or damage planer, jointer and saw blades.

Electronics: Unit operates with an automatic tuning transmit/receive circuit.

Operating Frequency: 13 kHz / 6,600 Hz.


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Inventors Bio

I'm Billy Carmen inventor of the Little Wizard Woodworking Metal Detector and founder of Wizard Industries. I created the Little Wizard in 1999 as a tool to help  woodworkers find buried metal located inside recycled wood. Commonly there are nails, screws, barbed wire, staples, bullets and other buried metals that can damage or destroy woodworking tools such as planer, router and saw blades. 

The Little Wizard caught on in the woodworking market as a needed tool right away and a few months later I developed the Lumber Wizard (a larger and stronger version of the Little Wizard. From 1999 over the course of the next three years  I went on to develop several other products that are now the driving force behind 4 brands of products under the Wizard name (WizardShopSpecsSecure Quick and Jolivete).

As our products and brands continued to grow from 1999 to 2001 I found several efficient, inexpensive and effective ways to get products into their marketplaces. In 2001 I began building a business methodology and suite of technologies that allowed other small brands to use the same product exposure and retailer penetration methods I used for my own produycts. In 2003 I discovered that my unique business methodology could be patented. In 2004 we filed fora U.S. patent for our business methodology and technology and in 2007 we were granted a U.S. patent (#7,249,064) for the way in which we do business.

During the course of building our own product lines from 2003 to today we have invited hundreds of companies to become a part of our product distribution so they too could experience the same type successes I experienced from the use of our unique business model. Today hundreds of companies have their products in our system and are using the business model to help move their products through our channels. 

So there ya have it! The short story of who I am. To see more about the unique system we've built and the amazing people that are as much a part of it as I see SmallBrandNation.com. To see more of the products I've created that are sold in retail stores around the planet see Wizind.com

Thank you for your interest in my story!

Billy Carmen
Wizard Industries


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