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Deck Porch Post Base Support Flange Cover Skirt Trim Anchor

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Features Not Found In Any Other Deck Post Support

Wizard Heavy Duty High Strength post Support Wizard Heavy Duty Post Supports Wizard Deck Post Support

Sleek Design Post Support

The new Wizard Post Support provides
more style than any of our other 
versions of the Deck Post Support.

Increased Durability

Only the Wizard brand of Post Supports
offer sleek design and Durability.
Our new thicker base, walls and inner
structural grid provides a practical use and looks.

Additional Corner Strength

The unique design of the Wizard Post
Support provides an extra layer of
ribbing in the corners
of the structural frame.

Thicker Extra Strong Base

The Thicker Extra Strong Base provides an
overall amount of rigidity while
enhancing the look of the Wizard
deck post support

Wizard Industries Post Support Wizard Industries Heavy Duty High Strength post Support Wizard Heavy Duty High Strength post Support

Fantastic Looks and
Solid Strength

The Wizard Heavy Duty Post
Supports offer fantastic looks
for many uses.

Extra Thick Walls and
Fastener Holes

Extra Thick Walls and Fastener Holes
make the Wizard Heavy Duty Post
Supports easy to install..

20 Strong Fastener Holes Provide
Strength and Ease Of Installation

The Wizard Deck Post Supports Include
20 Fastener Holes Which Provide
Style and Ease Of Installation

A great look with strength
and durability

The Wizard Professional
Version Deck Post Supports provide great
looks with extra style and durability


  • Wizard Industries Professional  Version. Thicker Base with Reinforced Structural Frame and Thicker Walls. Deck Handrail Post Support Flange Base Trim Anchor
  • ▼ SCREWS NOT INCLUDED ▼ Due to the many ways this heavy duty post support can be fastened we DO NOT include screws so that users have more options of screw types.
  • ▼ Fits a nominal standard 4"x 4" post (actual 3.5"x 3.5" dry post on market). ▼ Sanding / Trimming of posts may be required depending on post type and size.▼
  • ❤ We live and work in Holly, Michigan and we provide 100% Satisfaction and will jump through hoops for you at all times... Just please let us know of anything we can help with...❤

***** It is the users' responsibility to adhere to local and state building codes. This product may not be acceptable in certain areas. Check your specific building codes before use. Use for Ground Floor Decking Only. NOT TO BE USED AS SOLE MEANS OF SUPPORT. ADDITIONAL STRUCTURAL SUPPORT IS REQUIRED FOR POST. ALWAYS FOLLOW PROPER POST INSTALLATION AND OBTAIN PROPER INSPECTIONS FOLLOWING ALL BUILDING CODES AND LAWS. Ships From Holly, MI, and Ukiah, CA *****

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