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Wizard Distribution is a product manufacturing and distribution company that serves various niche markets providing products to retailers in the USA, Canada and Australia.

Operated by Wizard Industries, Inc. the manufacturer of the Wizard brand of metal detection tools, surgical instrument detection wands, 4x4 Post Supports, PillowStay, bifocal safety glasses, disaster restraint products, specialty tools and health and wellness products.

Artwork Hangers Secure Quick Heavy Duty

Secure Quick Heavy Duty High Strength artwork fasteners are for all types of framed artwork or mirrors.

Our Price: $6.95

SUV Tent Tailgating Shelter Add A Cabana Portable Dressing Room

Add-A-Cabana is an innovative new idea for a partial enclosure that fits over the opened lift gate of an SUV or VAN to create a dressing roo

Our Price: $79.95


Woodworking Metal Detector Little Wizard

Precision Handheld Metal Detector For Woodworkers, Instantly Locates Metal

Our Price: $24.95

Strong Arm 5 HD Portable Drill Press

Strong Arm 5 HD, Hand held drill press,portable drill press, drill leverage tool, drill positioner, drill holder

Our Price: $274.95

4x4 post base anchor flange post support

Quick-Mount 4 X 4 post support flange for permanent or temporary hand, fence, deck, porch railing or post mounting. Heavy Duty High Impac

Our Price: $10.95

Inflatable Sports Finger Fan Finger Monster Arm MonsterFan

Fan Finger, Monster Arm, MonsterFan, inflatable sports finger, game, sports, sport gift, sport team, memorabilia, inflatable #1 finger,team

Retail Price: $9.95
Our Price: $5.95
You Save $4.00!


Bifocal Safety Glasses Shop Specs

Bifocal Safety Glasses For Mechanics (and other bifocal users...)

Our Price: $9.95


Bifocal safety glasses for fishing -- Fishing Specs

Eye protection with bifocal reading segments, so you can see your hooks and knots clearly....

Two Styles To Choose From

Our Price: $9.95