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Artwork Hangers Secure Quick Heavy Duty

Secure Quick Heavy Duty High Strength artwork fasteners are for all types of framed artwork or mirrors.

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UPC Code: 021633278185
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Heavy Duty
Artwork Hangers

2 per pack

Secure Quick Art Hangers work for all types of framed artwork, mirrors or anything that can be hung on a wall by string or wire. The ingenious design allows art to be quickly attached, and easily detached, while preventing it from accidentally falling or bouncing off. Giving art lovers and home improvers peace of mind and preparedness for child safety, natural disasters and security.

The Secure Quick Heavy Duty Artwork Hangers are for all types of framed artwork or mirrors. The special twist-locking feature allows artwork to be securely fastened to walls to help prevent theft or from falling in earthquakes and other natural disaters. Simply install the hanger strap into a wall (into a stud or into a wall anchore) and place the wire on the back of the artwork through the Secure Quick Artwork Hanger. Once the wire is placed through the fastener twist the hangers locking nut closed. The Quake Secure Artwork Hanger will help prevent artwork or mirrors from falling from the wall during a natural disaster. It can only be released by untwisting the release nut and removing the cable attached to the artwork or mirror. Install only into wall stud or wall anchore.

Kits come complete with 2 picture hangers, 2 wood screws, 2 drywall screws and 2 wall anchors. For maximum protection, always attempt to attach Secure Quick Artwork Fasteners to studs. See our Wall Wizard Stud Finder page to see the finest stud sensor made.

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Product Specifications

Package Dimensions:
Length: 4.25 inches
Width: 2.87 inches
Height: 1.125 inches
Weight: .1 Pounds

Other Information:
UPC Code: 021633278185
Packaging Type: Clam shell
Patents: Patent Pending


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