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Contact: Billy Carmen
Internet Video Adds New Dimension to Product Exposure
Manufacturers and inventors alike benefit from the explosion of Internet video sites; television turns into Internet video
GLENDALE, Calif. <09-28-08> -- Since the inception of YouTube, videos of every nature are becoming available for the world to view. However, it has also opened a new world of possibilities for new products and their exposure. Videos are now popping up all over the Internet that are dedicated to new product exposure. A growing Internet video portal devoted to product videos has taken the lead in creating and broadcasting product news by promoting the newsworthiness and human element aspect of the new product, as well as educating visitors on what’s new in the industry.
            ProductNewsChannel.com, the masthead for a diverse group of industry and topic-specific market segment Web sites for small manufactures and innovators, features new product videos in order to promote product exposure and highlight the latest news in the industry. What has been dubbed "the anchor's desk," ProductNewsChannel is the main all-encompassing site that serves as a catalyst for market and topic-specific sites such as: PetProductNewsChannel.com, SafetyShow.com, SurgicalShow.com, CyclingProductNews.com.
            “The reasoning and methodology behind our news gathering, distribution and broadcast is the ability to highlight new products from small brands and new manufacturers so as to produce synergistic/cooperative exposure directed to retailers/dealers and consumers/industry users,” said Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries, the force behind ProductNewsChannel.com. “Our technology provides a structured and defined system that allows grassroots level awareness and participation along with a form of social and industry networking based around the news content and interaction with the products, their manufacturers, the retailers and the consumers.”
            According to Carmen, what’s important to remember is that Internet video is an inexpensive way to gain brand exposure and to broadcast product news. ProductNewsChannel.com offers a venue to promote consumer and industry interaction through video.
            “With ProductNewsChannel, thousands of people can log on and look at your video, see your product and learn about the industry. And what is that worth? Television is turning into Internet video and Internet video is tuning into television,” Carmen said. “Video sites are providing product exposure that extends beyond what a vender show can do – it’s creating awareness every day, all day, all year.”
            And not to let the written word become archaic, Carmen created the Product News Journal and www.ProductNewsJournal.com, a magazine dedicated to providing true news on new products, new brands and distribution methods in all industries.
            For more information on Internet videos or ProductNewsChannel.com, please contact Billy Carmen at (866) 781-8033.
About Wizard Industries:
Wizard Industries, a manufacturing and marketing company for new and innovative products, not only works almost exclusively with the personal business sector, but is a personal business itself. Formed by Billy and Julie Carmen in 1999, Wizard Industries works with new product creators to get their products patented, manufactured, distributed and marketed. For more information, visit www.WizardDistribution.com and www.ProductNewsChannel.com.


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Wizard Distribution is a product manufacturing and distribution company that serves various niche markets providing products to retailers in the USA, Canada and Australia.

Operated by Wizard Industries, Inc. the manufacturer of the Wizard brand of metal detection tools, surgical instrument detection wands, 4x4 Post Supports, PillowStay, bifocal safety glasses, disaster restraint products, specialty tools and health and wellness products.

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