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Video Brings Traditional Trade Shows to the Social Media Age
ProductNewsChannel.com covers trade shows across the country to add new life to the show floor
Most individuals in business understand the typical trade and vender show format: booths, people wandering and PR people. The tired method limits the exposure; the information probably lost to visitors after a few days. However, several show managers are finding a new way to gain attention for the product and services that extends beyond the time period of the show: Internet video.

            The creators of ProductNewsChannel.com -- a Web site dedicated to new product videos and industry news information -- are partnering with various trade shows to continue the momentum by creating Internet video interviews and exposure. The new component allows for various products, manufacturers and even the show themselves to gain awareness once the show is over by posting product news videos to the Internet.

            “Trade shows are great and definitely have their purpose; however, we wanted to leverage the power of the Internet and the path Internet video has forged by adding video from the trade shows we cover, along with videos from i-reporters and manufacturers to our Web site,” said Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries, the power behind ProductNewsChannel.com. “There is a perfect synergy between our company and what trade shows provide: exposure, awareness, education, information and news on new products. It is obviously a natural fit for us to be there creating videos, then providing a distribution platform.”

            Because ProductNewsChannel.com covers products and brands of every vertical, there doesn’t seem to be a show that couldn’t benefit, according to Carmen. ProductNewsChannel videos have been shot at shows such as Outdoor Retailer, National Hardware Show, AWFS Woodworking Show, Shot Show, SEMA, DEMA,  SuperZoo, GoGreenExpo, InterBikeNational Safety Council, West Coast Green, Hong Kong Trade Fair and many other global trade shows.

             “Trade shows and the Internet acts as a meeting place for entrepreneurs, manufacturers and individuals in the field. Hopefully, through partnerships such as this one, the industry will grow parallel with the Internet/TV news video merge,” Carmen said.

            For more information on the partnership between ProductNewsChannel.com and trade shows, please contact Billy Carmen at 707-824-9400.
About Wizard Industries
Wizard Industries, a manufacturing and marketing company for new and innovative products, not only works almost exclusively with the personal business sector, but is a personal business itself. Formed by Billy and Julie Carmen in 1999, Wizard Industries works with new product creators to get their products patented, manufactured, distributed and marketed. For more information, visit www.WizardDistribution.com and www.ProductNewsChannel.com.



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We serve various niche markets providing products directly to consumers and to small specialized retailers in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK.

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Earthquake Safety Picture Hooks

Picture Lok has been designed as the safe and simplest way of hanging your pictures and mirrors to protect for earthquakes . Picture Lok Security Picture Hangers Poster, mirror and artwork

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