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Amputee Lifting Device - Lift Mates' Solo Lift box and package lifting tools allow you to safely and easily lift and carry boxes with reduced strain on your back. So whether you are lifting and moving boxes and packages from one warehouse location to another or at home moving boxes from room to room Lift Mates can save your back!

Hand Amputee Lifting Device

The Solo Lift Pro allows you to lift and carry a box using only one hand. The free hand can be used to open doors, safely climb stairs using a handrail. Also, since the tool is lifted from the top e

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Hand Amputee Lifting Device

The Lift Mates Solo Lift Pro creates a box handle and allows a user to lift and carry a box with one hand, freeing up the other hand. The free hand can be used to open doors, safely climb stairs using a handrail or hold a handheld scanner.

The Solo Lift Pro offers other safety benefits, like enabling the carrier to see obstacles such as curbs, steps, puddles or ice in front of them, since the box is carried on one side.

Also, since the box is lifted using the upper corner of the box, there is no need to bend all the way down to the ground to get underneath the box.  This offers the following benefits:

  • Solo Lift Pro helps prevent:
    • Spine loading
    • Risk of low back strain
    • Need to bend Lumbar spine
  • Won’t strain your back trying bend down to reach under box for lifting
  • Won’t twist/overstretch while placing boxes
  • Also Helps prevent:
    • Back pain
    • stiffness/soreness
    • muscle spasms

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