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Gripsharp pencil sharpener / pencil grip

Pencil sharpener / Grip - Gripsharp

Gripsharp pencil sharpener/grip. the only twist on and leave on pencil sharpener. Forever eliminates the frustration of hunting for a pencil sharpener.The ultimate in convenience.

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 The Gripsharp™ is a combination pencil sharpener/grip. Its unique design allows it to conveniently remain on the pencil for the life of the pencil. With a simple twist, the Gripsharp™ removes only the wood from the pencil leaving the lead intact. This produces a stronger, thicker point and longer lasting lead. The Gripsharp™'s Wide-Barrel design enhances grip and helps reduce the stress on the wrist, fingers and hand that can cause carpal tunnel. The Gripsharp™ allows the user the freedom to sharpen their pencil wherever and whenever they like and forever eliminates the frustration of having to hunt for a pencil sharpener ever again!

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UPC Code: 094922125095


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