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Magic Massager Therapy Oil Free Massage Cloth

Lymphedema Massage Therapy Cloth Magic Massager

Massage, especially lymphedema massage, is extremely effective in treating post-surgical problems. It can alleviate swelling and pain. Massage also is a general tonic, in that it relaxes people. And w

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Magic Massager Lymphedema Massage Cloth 

A Whole New Advance in the Art of Lymphedema Massage!

The Magic Massager is an innovative new technology which allows the therapist to perform effective Swedish massage and other bodywork techniques -- without the use of oil. It even works through clothing!

Massage, especially lymphedema massage, is extremely effective in treating post-surgical problems. It can alleviate swelling and pain. Massage also is a general tonic, in that it relaxes people. And with relaxation, people just deal with their stresses better, and their bodies heal better with just about every illness. Massage is also a form of touch therapy, and touch in itself is healing.

The Magic Massager lets you deliver a soothing, invigorating massage anywhere, any time. It feels like oil to your subject, it glides like oil under your fingers, but there is none of oil’s muss and fuss. Perform anything from a simple shoulder rub to acupressure to a full body massage - your client won’t even need to undress!

How the Magic Massager Works

Meticulously developed by a physician the Magic Massager’s patent-pending design incorporates four layers of specially selected fabric. These layers allow nearly 100% friction-free movement. Drape a satiny, colorful Magic Massager over a friend’s back or your own arm or shoulder, and you’ll immediately find out what this means. Your fingers travel with a "magical" ease, just as if you were working with oil over bare skin.

The client experiences only soothing sensations with no chafing or discomfort of any kind. You may use this tool in performing virtually all varieties of bodywork. With a little practice you’ll soon be able to offer full-body massage using no oil, towels or drapes - nothing but your own skilled hands and the Magic Massager.

"Thanks so much for developing the Magic Massager. The first client I used it on loved it so much she said she needed one of her own. When my order came in she returned and bought four so she could also use them as gifts! This product sells itself…" -------------Cliff Korn, Licensed Massage Therapist, editor of Massage Today


Imagine expanding your client base by offering new services with this handy device:
Introduce massage to potential clients who feel uncomfortable disrobing.

Perform on-the-spot diagnostic palpation sessions

Offer acupressure and deep-muscle work with greatly reduced discomfort.

Perform a quick chair massage that feels like a full-body session with the client has no time for a full treatment.

Work on men with heavy body hair -- no strain for you, no pain for them.

Supplement your traditional routine: for example, use the Magic Massager on your client’s scalp and leave no muss that a comb can’t fix.

Pull out the handy, portable Magic Massager and show off your skills wherever you go!

Save time: when an entire session is performed with the Magic
Massager there’s no waiting for the client to dress and undress!


The Magic Massager has proven highly useful in performing chair massage, and many experts agree that it will soon be considered an indispensable tool for practitioners in this growing field. It has also proven its worth to therapists in a diverse variety of bodywork disciplines:
Acupressure and deep-muscle work

Sports massage

Aquatic therapy

Pregnancy massage

Child and infant massage

Craniosacral work

Pet massage

Physical therapy

There’s nothing like it on the market today!!!

Easy Care

Silky smooth yet highly durable, the Magic Massager will remain as good as new through dozens of washes, even in the hot water. That’s why each Magic Massager comes with a 90-day guarantee!

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