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Razor Blade Sharpener by EverBlade

Extend the life of your razor blade Simply place your razor on the EverBlade stand. EverBlade repels rust and corrosion from your blade.

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http://www.greeneverblade.comOne of the most common reasons people suffer from nicks, and ingrown hairs while shaving is because of dull razor. EverBlade will ensure that your razor be it a disposable or Mach 3, 5 or whatever number they come up with next. Stay sharper longer to ensure you get the best possible shave each and every single time! Customers have reported one pack of razor cartridges lasting them 6 MONTHS!!

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  • Save your money and extend the life of your razor blade
  • Simply place your razor on the EverBlade stand.
  • EverBlade repels rust and corrosion that dull your razor.
  • It works with all razor blades on the market.
  • Requires, No batteries, No electricity, No maintenance.
  • Razor blades stay sharp 4 to 8 times longer using EverBlade.


1.       Place a brand new razor on the EverBlade stand.

 2.       Allow the razor to sit for 24 hours between uses.

3.       Pre Shave, Lather, Shave and After Shave as you prefer.

4.       Rinse, pat your razor dry and place it back on the EverBlade stand.

 *Works with all razor blade products made by Gillette, Schick, Bic or any of your favorite razor manufacturers.

The EverBlade is a very simple item. It’s so simple in fact that at first glance it may cause you some concern that it’s even doing it’s job. But a little time will clear the air for you and you’ll be extremely satisfied with what a great job this little device will do for your morning shave, your blade and your wallet.

The EverBlade is a stand for your razor. When you are done shaving you simply put your blade on the EverBlade stand and go on to enjoy your day. Inside of this stand is a series of specifically designed copper plates. Your razor blade will rest on the face of the copper plate while you are not using it. During the time between each shave the copper plates inside of the EverBlade create a mild energy field to repel rust and corrosion from your razor blade. This keeps your blade sharp much longer than it would without using the EverBlade.


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UPC Code: 793573754240


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